The Legend of the Blue Sea First Impressions

I usually don’t watch a lot of overrated dramas, only because I feel like everyone hypes them up so much that it influences my perspectives on it. I’m usually blinded by everyone else’s opinion on it that I end up not having my own. Since I didn’t have anything to watch, I decided to start The Legend of the Blue Sea. I heard it’s the same writer as You From Another Star, but I actually haven’t watched that (but I know what it’s about because recaps).

The whole drama is really light and funny. To me, this is the way to do a light drama, one with a plot and a love line, not necessarily one like Entourage. I’m still watching that, but I think this drama is so much better. I know people are definitely watching this drama because of Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho. I have to admit they are quite attractive and I know they’d make a great drama, but casts aren’t everything. I remember being so excited for Heirs because of the cast, only to not finish it (I didn’t even watch it, I was reading recaps too) because I thought the plot was way too silly.

Jun Ji Hyun plays the role of a mermaid way too well. I love how ridiculous her character is and that’s what makes it so funny and nice. She has an interesting character, sort of like playing the opposite role in You From the Stars. It was interesting how she managed to capture all our attention in the first episode without even saying anything. It’s all her antics and facial expressions that do all the work. But I’m glad that she started talking because a mermaid’s brain somehow works like E.T’s and manages to learn everything over the course of one night. 

I came into this drama not knowing what it was about and I had no idea that Lee Min Ho was going to play a scammer. It’s an interesting role, as we saw in Task Force 38. It just kind of annoyed me how stuck up his character was when he and the mermaid were fighting off the people he had scammed earlier in the episode. The mermaid was obviously a better fighter than he was, but he looked like he had no idea how much of a help she was because he obviously thinks he’s the best. Quite evidently, we know this will all change when he starts to open up to the mermaid because he starts to fall in love, as typical as k-dramas will be. I definitely know that he has an interesting backstory to tell, which is how he became who he is today. Overall, I feel like I’m going to love this drama and it’s off to a great start.


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