The K2 Review

I feel like I’ve talked so much about how I didn’t understand what was going on in The K2. Politics and conglomerates never made much sense to me because it’s all just a fight for power. Choi Yoo Jin wants to have it all – be the first lady and take over JB Group. She controls her husband, Se Joon by using his daughter (not her blood related daughter). Je Ha is a run away agent who wants to take revenge for his dead fiance, who was killed by Park Kwan Soo, Se Joon’s running mate in the presidency. Je Ha finds Yoo Jin, who persuades him to work under her so that they can help each other out, instead of killing each other, but he finds it hard to do so when he’s in love with Anna and the two women hate each other.

I think I did a basic overview on the character relationships. I must admit, and I said this a million times before, but the love line between Je Ha and Anna is so forced. I’ve been overtaken by their affection for each other that I completely forgot how they started to fall in love. I didn’t feel much chemistry between them at all, mainly because they never much interaction besides watching each other from afar. It also bothered me that Anna’s character change was way too sudden. Anna was always a quiet and socially anxious person; there’s no way she could come out of her shell in a blink of an eye. It’s like she never had this disorder to start with. I don’t want to be harsh, but I think her character was a little poorly written. I thought she was supposed to be the main character, but she had little to no role in this drama at all. She was such a hopeless character who always needed someone’s help. I mean, if there’s so many people after you, you’d probably know how to fight by now right? She’s literally in the drama only to be used by others and for the love line, but even then I’ve always thought that Je Ha and Yoo Jin had a better love line because they went through so much together – from trying to kill each other, to saving each other, having each others backs, taking revenge for each other. I always felt like Yoo Jin had a soft spot for Je Ha because she always just let him do whatever he wanted whereas if anyone else did that, she would have had them killed already.

But in reality, I don’t even know what Yoo Jin thinks or feels. It wasn’t clear to me whether she was a friend or a foe, though I believe that she sincerely wanted to help him out. She’s a nice person inside, and obviously doesn’t show her nice side very often, but I just don’t see how she’s trying to control him in any way. I know Je Ha doesn’t trust her because he doesn’t want to be one of her “slaves” and because of Anna. I think Je Ha is just being really cautious of who he meets because he’s been backstabbed before, but she really seems like she wants to have someone on her side for once, like a friend. I’m not sure if what she feels corresponds to what she says, but the way she talks and her mysterious facial expressions don’t help either. I have to admit that she is a very strong and calculative character. I see her as both the good guy and the bad, but that doesn’t really matter because I simply just love her. I love how much power she has over everyone and I love how she easily turns any situation into her favor. One thing I just can’t get over is how freaky (and hilarious) her cackle is. I think her character is just very well written and the actress has portrayed her wonderfully.

Moving onto the plot, I think this drama on politics and conglomerates was a lot easier to understand than other similar dramas out there. I remember watching the whole thing of IRIS and still had no idea what IRIS was and what they wanted to do. This drama had a pretty straightforward plan, allies and enemies were quite obvious. I really liked the pacing of it because it was a pretty intense drama, except for the part when the relationship between Je Ha and Anna was developing, which I thought was a bit unnecessary. I don’t know why they had to put a love line in, though I feel like it was Je Ha’s reason for being Yoo Jin’s frenemy. Rather than watching the love line develop, I was definitely more interested in seeing Yoo Jin’s pursuit for the riches.

And moving onto the ending, it was so bittersweet. I’m glad that we were able to unlayer every mask that everyone has put on. The truth finally comes out – Yoo Jin didn’t kill Anna’s mom, it was her dad, but Yoo Jin kept it a secret so that she would be feared by others. I’m surprised that Yoo Jin’s brother was the real bad guy here, but it was a little bit expected because I knew he didn’t have good intentions to start with. I’m honestly so angry and sad that he shot Yoo Jin in the end, but even sadder that she would rather die than to leave behind Cloud Nine and Mirror because Mirror is her. It was also pretty touching to see her husband not wanting to leave her side, even though they hated each other for the past 10 years. Even though she’s not the main character, I do feel very empty inside because she was my favorite. I’m glad that every bad guy died though; it would have been so disappointing if that never happened, though I wished Yoo Jin was alive to see that happen. It was overall a good closure, and I think I’m ready to let go.

4/5 – The naked shower fight scene is still ridiculously hilarious to this very day.


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