Entourage First Impressions

The Korean remake of Entourage just started airing last Friday. It was a very highly anticipated drama, but it also received a lot of backlash when the first episode came out. I thought it was best to watch the first episode myself to see what it was all about before judging it. I’ve never watched the original version so i don’t know what has changed/ what has stayed the same. I honestly thought this was going to be a movie when I first started it because the filming was so similar to a movie – the color scheme, the loud background music, the opening scenes, etc.

To start off, I thought it pretty attractive because of the cast. I’m sure it’s supposed to be a light and comedy like drama, but I personally like darker and heavier dramas that hit me in the heart a lot more. To me, light dramas are usually a hit or miss. Sure, it’s always fun to watch a drama with all your favorite actors, but I really felt like the plot was full of crap. I don’t actually know what the drama is supposed to be about. I just understand that there are a group of friends who are following their famous (and attractive) actor friend around. I don’t see a specific problem, I just felt like the first episode was all over the place. The plot seems so thin that there really isn’t a big conflict to start with.

I think the main problem is that the first episode really tries to show us who the different characters in the drama are, which makes it so scattered. I get that the main focus is Young Bin (Seo Kang Joon), but I’m aware that his friends are important characters as well. Only dramas like the Reply series are really able to handle friend groups as main characters and I really felt a deep connection in those series. Within the first episode, I felt like there was way too much focus on dating and sex that it made me a bit uncomfortable. I really don’t find story lines like these interesting. It honestly reminded me of Twenty, the Korean movie that came out back in 2015. I thought it was really stupid and pointless, I had no idea what I got out of it and I felt like I just wasted a whole two hours of my life watching that.

I hope I don’t waste hours on this drama either because I feel like I’m being way too judgemental based on the first episode and will possibly try a bit more. I did watch the second episode and I thought it really picked up and was a lot more entertaining overall. Maybe this is my new drama for the next few months. I also wanted to point out the really good OST’s.


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