October in Review

October is a pretty stressful month in terms of school, so I’m not very active. I guess it can run both ways, I could be busy to the point that I can’t make time to do anything, or I can procrastinate by watching stuff and not do homework at all. I find that I am able to balance both, and I don’t have crazy amount of midterms and work because I do take more seminar like and essay based classes. But this isn’t the blog where I complain about my school work, so let’s get to what happened this month.

I did say that I didn’t want to watch any dramas, but I did start The K2. I previously wrote a half way review of it because I had a bit to share about it – mainly about how confused I was, but also because of the naked underwear fight scene. I’m serious, that scene is going to go down in history as the best scene ever. It’s ridiculously funny and unnecessary. Like I said in my half way review, I thought that the fight scenes were unnecessary, but I guess that’s the appeal (I mean, who doesn’t like to see our main character beating everyone up?) I also really love Choi Yoo Jin’s character and the actress who plays her. She’s a very complex character, which makes everything ten times more interesting. She may have done bad things in the past, but I sympathize her for some reason when she’s getting the short end of the stick. And I still feel that the love line is really unnatural, but I have to admit that Anna and Je Ha are pretty cute together.

Not to mention, I was a bit bored because I didn’t find any other dramas appealing so I decided to watch It’s Okay Its Love again. For the first time, I watched the whole thing from start to finish. I was craving (is that the right word?) for something touching

I’m still keeping up with Sister’s Slam Dunk, and I’m really upset that Tiffany has left the show because of her scandal (though she is back on social media now!). I just felt like it was such a pity how she finally has a clear schedule and wanted to focus on the variety show and then she was forced off due to backlash from everyone. I just love how Sister’s Slam Dunk is so entertaining and touching at the same time. I always end up crying here and there because everyone, including the PD is just so sweet. Sister’s Slam Dunk never fails to keep me inspired, to keep me dreaming, and most importantly, working towards my goals.

I’ve been watching Unpretty Rapstar for probably 3 months now, but I’m still patiently waiting for subs to finish, and hopefully I will write a review by then. I already know what happens because there’s spoilers everywhere and I’m just generally really curious and can’t wait until the subs come out. Like I said last month, I’m really glad that Nada was able to shine in this season because she is just so underrated and everyone looked down on her. I really loved her performance in the semi-finals; I really loved that Wa$$up members came onto stage as backup dancers because Nada felt like she wanted to be on stage with the rest of her members and not take the whole spotlight alone. It’s such a pity she made a mistake, but if it bothers you, you can listen to the studio version here.

Song Releases:
There has been so many good comebacks this month. I can’t help but to pick BTS; BTS never fails to produce a really good and catchy song. I also want to put almost all of Jay Park’s songs on here because he’s been releasing music videos for pretty much all of his songs on his album, but there’s this one that keeps getting stuck in my head. It’s not necessarily new, but I always only heard the English version of it and this is the Korean version.

BTS – Blood Sweat Tears
Ailee – Home


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