The K2 – Half way Review

I’ve never really done half way reviews, and I know I only do them when I have a lot to say about a drama. The K2 isn’t really a drama I have a lot to say, only because I’m so confused all the time, but that’s what gets me hooked. I feel the need to understand, which is why I keep continuing to watch (similar to W). I also feel the need to publish posts, and it gets me so anxious when I have absolutely nothing to write about.

I think I’m really confused because I don’t see a particular bad guy in this drama. In the beginning, I thought Choi Yoo Jin was the bad guy, but she doesn’t seem to be all that bad. I actually felt a little bad for her when everyone was trying to go against her. Is the bad guy Jang Se Joon? I don’t even know what makes him bad. I’m sure everyone has their good and their bad sides and there’s a little good and evil in every character. Maybe the bad guy is the other politician, which does actually seem to be the case because our heroine, Je Ha doesn’t like him and we all don’t like whoever the heroine doesn’t like, right? There’s also a lot of politics involved, and I’m sure you all know I never understand anything that has to do with politics. I don’t know what the goal behind every politician is, and in this case, I’m pretty sure being president is not just their goal. There’s a lot more under that and hopefully, the more I watch on, the more I’ll understand.

I’m not sure if there is supposed to be a love line in this drama because it doesn’t seem to be a big part of the drama, and if it’s there, I feel like it’s a little forced. From what it looks like, the obvious love line would probably be between Anna and Je Ha, but like I said, it looks a little forced. I mean, was Je Ha supposed to fall in love with Anna from watching her twirl around with a package of ramen through a security camera? That’s not romance right there. If anything, it would be Je Ha and Yoo Jin; their chemistry level is off the charts, but in all honesty, I don’t exactly see romance either, I think it’s something else that I can’t seem to describe.

At first, I thought this drama was quite similar to IRIS, mainly because there are so many fight scenes, but in The K2, it’s excessive to the point it’s kind of getting silly. Well, at least in the beginning. I remember in the first episode, there was literally no dialogue, it was just a full hour of fighting. And who in the world thought of this idea to do a naked shower fight scene?


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