It’s Okay, That’s Love Review

You may be wondering why I’ve decided to write a review on this drama when it’s been a few years since it came out. I’ve even talked about it several times, but I was pretty bored over the few weeks and I decided to watch the whole thing again. I feel like I’ve actually never watched it from start to finish because I’ve read recaps for the first few episodes and then continued to watch the rest, so I thought it would just be pretty nice to go back and revisit.

What I really love about this drama isn’t the romance, but Jang Jae Yeol’s background story. I thought it was absolutely so sad how his whole family had problems because of their abusive father and the incident that happened when they were younger. It was said that problems stem from nobody wanting to help them, from Jae Bum being wrongly accused and placed in jail for a majority of his life. These scars last so long, and basically shape who you are. Jae Bum felt so lonely his whole life because he thought his mom liked his brother more than him and he felt betrayed by his brother for lying in court. It’s all these misunderstandings that made him so stressed because he’s been angry by himself for all these years. All he ever wanted in his life was someone to tell him that he’s not alone, that he’s innocent and didn’t do anything wrong. As for Jae Yeol, he felt so guilty for knowing the truth and not being able to speak anything about it because he wanted to protect everyone around him. He couldn’t tell anyone about it this whole time because he didn’t really want to blame anyone and didn’t want anyone to know the whole truth. This guilt that he’s kept inside himself caused him to create Kang Woo so that he can “correct his childhood”, if you will and make himself feel better for his wrongdoings in the past.

I really love how the drama handled Jae Yeol’s case and how they wrapped it up. It really breaks my heart when Jae Yeol tells Kang Woo that he’s not real. I feel like they’ve been through so much together and it breaks my heart to see them depart. My favorite part is obviously when Jae Yeol realizes that Kang Woo is his hallucination. I got so many goosebumps because I thought it was pretty brilliant how Kang Woo and young Jae Yeol merges together as one person. I also especially love the scene where Jae Yeol gives Kang Woo shoes as a departing gift. It’s like saying goodbye to your other half that has been keeping you company and alive, but at the same time killing you piece by piece.

Yes, I feel like romance was a big part of this drama and I just can’t end the drama without saying something about it. The main romance was indeed really sweet. Hye Soo and Jae Yeol both are very attractive and do things that make them really attractive, but they both can be so annoying sometimes, mainly because they are very difficult people (but they work for each other so that’s all that matters). I found their romance especially annoying after Jae Yeol got admitted to the hospital. I get that it was hard for them to be apart from each other, but Jae Yeol’s illness gets worse every time he’s with Hye Soo (which I actually don’t understand, and probably never will). But in the end, it’s Hye Soo who really got to him and made him realize that Kang Woo is just his imagination. I personally think all the friendships in this drama are much more previous than the main romance. I thought it was really funny every time Hye Soo’s roommates fought. They know each other so well because they basically live, laugh, and love together. 

4.5/5 – Good night, Jang Jae Yeol.


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