September in Review

I too, can hardly believe that September is over so fast. I felt like it was really quick, yet really long. After school has started, so much has happened and I’m already tired out. I definitely do have less to write because I want to focus more on studies, but at the same time, it’s my pleasure to write blogs, so I’m literally just split between what to do. It’s not just that I’m busy, but also that I need to find a topic to write about. I see that the amount of posts I’m doing per month is gradually decreasing because I’m pretty much out of ideas – does anyone want to give me inspiration?

The only two dramas that I’ve been watching ended in early September, and I absolutely had nothing to watch afterwards. I was debating whether I wanted to watch Scarlet Heart and Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds, but I wasn’t too fond of historical dramas. I’ve seen some still cuts from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and it actually seems pretty funny, but I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to get into it. Besides those two, I feel like the other dramas coming out are a bit silly and I want to watch something more serious.

So yes, I thought I wasn’t going to watch anything for the meantime, but I ended up starting The K2, but I’m not sure if I’d stick with it. So far, it’s been pretty interesting because of all the action, but I’m absolutely confused on what’s going on. The only reason why I love action dramas is because I love the fighting scenes, but I can’t handle it if I don’t understand what’s going on, especially when politics is involved. As are all action dramas, I have trouble remembering all the abundance of characters involved, but it looks like I’m setting myself up for a twisted and dark road ahead.

Besides new dramas coming out/came out, Uncontrollably Fond and W finished this month. I absolutely loved Uncontrollably Fond; I don’t care what other people said about it. I get that many people are angry over this drama because it was so stupid and fell short of everyone’s expectations. Yes, it fell short of mine too in the middle when all the characters were just being a pain in the toe because of their unnecessary actions. But I really liked the melodramatic plot line. I loved that it tugged at my heart, and I loved how it was wrapped up. It was sensible – no miracles happening, no sobbing scenes; it just created a sense of longing and a slither of hope for a better tomorrow. “See you tomorrow, Shin Joon Young.” Okay, I’m crying a river again.

I loved W as well. It was so captivating in the beginning; I simply loved the concept and not knowing what to expect. I know a lot of people were disappointed in the ending and I’ve heard that some even dropped halfway through the drama. I actually do understand why some people would do that because the story line was being repetitive, with all the resets and Kang Chul learning who he is again and again. The ending was disappointing because it didn’t actually answer many questions that we had throughout the drama. It would definitely suck to be one of the manhwa readers for W though, because it seems like Kang Chul died without any justice being played out. I guess I’m honestly okay with anything, as long as the antagonists die. I’m satisfied that things worked out after all, though we all know I really want a sad ending.

I’m still slowly watching Unpretty Rapstar 3. I’m honestly not a big fan of the show, as I always say. I feel like it’s such a harsh environment; I don’t even know why people agree to do the show (though it’s probably for fame). I feel like every rapper on the show is so bitchy and has such high self-esteem (which is a good thing, but too much of anything is bad). But other than that, I think the songs that have been released so far are pretty good. I love how Nada is just exceeding everyone’s expectations and earning all those rings and tracks on the album. I definitely think this season is better than the second because it’s just so unpredictable. UPR brings out everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and we just don’t know when someone would mess up or exceed our expectations. I just don’t know who to root for, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter who wins because I think it’s pretty rigged to start with (look at season 2!).

I’m also watching Sister’s Slam Dunk. It’s actually pretty entertaining and I just love all the girls on the show. It’s really touching to see them being so earnest and wanting to succeed and help each other achieve their dreams. I literally laugh and cry so much in every episode because it’s just so touching. The PD for this show is such a sweet guy, especially after what he did for Jessi. I know there has been a big scandal where Tiffany left the show, and I feel like that’s pretty sad. I know the scandal is sort of a big deal because of Korea’s history with Japan, but I personally think the whole scandal is blown out of proportion, as are all scandals, but that’s because I think everyone makes mistakes. I feel like the sisters should do something for her when this scandal dies down because she never even got the chance to achieve her dream.

Song Releases:
Infinite – The Eye
Swings – Your Soul


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