Uncontrollably Fond Review

I seriously don’t know whether to love or hate Uncontrollably Fond. Every character was so frustrating but I love the emotions that this drama was able to bring out. I’m not sure if many know, but I love melodramas. Okay, I don’t love all melodramas, but I do love crying and I do love feeling the emotions that the character feels as well. How heartbreaking is it to find out that our main character has a brain tumor with not that many days left to live. The world is just being too cruel to Joon Young and Noh Eul.

My heart was so torn for the two – how they were in such a twisted relationship without asking for it. (Why do bad things happen to good people?!) My heart was torn further into pieces when Noh Eul got into the car accident (that Joon Young had instigated) and Joon Young was just repenting, willing to trade his happiness as long as she would live. That’s what really makes him a sweet character. He could be such an asshole at times, but he really wants to be loved inside. I didn’t understand why his mom hated him so much just because he gave up his dream to be a prosecutor. That in itself probably created the mentality that nobody liked him because how could you have the confidence to face the world when your only family member doesn’t even want to face you? I feel like in his whole life, he just wanted people (people as in people important to him) to tell him that he made the right decision, and simply say “Good job, Shin Joon Young.”

I was so frustrated when Joon Young started taking things into his own hands and wouldn’t tell Noh Eul what he was up to. I was so frustrated to the point that I didn’t care whether he would live or die at that point. I’m glad that Noh Eul understands him enough to see through his facade. I really didn’t understand why nobody wanted to tell Noh Eul the truth: Choi Hyun Joon being Joon Young’s biological father, Jung Eun being her father’s hit and run assailant, and that Joon Young was responsible for her car accident. I know Noh Eul, Joon Young, and Ji Tae all have the same goals, but they just never want to work together since they all have beef with each other. In all honesty, I don’t even understand Joon Young, though I feel like he did the right thing. As a character, Joon Young is always quiet about his life – he never even told his mom about his tumor. He doesn’t want anyone to worry about him but wants to do something right for once in his life to please everyone. It’s sad to think that he just wants to see justice played out before he dies. He’s a frustrating character to watch, but a noble person after all.

Moving onto the second lead, I hate but I also like Ji Tae. I hate how he’s such a complicated person – I didn’t know if he was supposed to be the bad guy or the good guy. He lied about his identity to Noh Eul, which makes him a bad guy, though I feel like if he had told her the truth right from the get-go, she would have never accepted him because Noh Eul has very strong feelings towards the rich and powerful. It’s pretty sad to see her getting tortured by rich people where she can’t even have a say because they’d shut her down every time. But, I like that he’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes, even if it means to put his parents in jail. I don’t think that he’s standing up for just Noh Eul, but he genuinely wants his parents to see how far they’ve gotten. And with that, I don’t believe that Ji Tae actually likes Noh Eul. I think it’s more pity than anything. He’s guilty that his father covered up a hit and run case and probably even disgusted that his fiance is responsible for the hit and run. Ji Tae has a strong conscience and that’s what makes him a good character.

I’m actually pretty glad that Ji Tae isn’t the only one in his family who’s a good character. Haru, who I really hated in the beginning because she was such a spoiled brat, turned out to be a good character as well. She’s a bit crazy over whoever she fancies at the moment, but she’s willing to oversee anything about that person when she likes them. She’s rather lovable when she fell for Jik. Haru definitely knows that Jik is Eul’s brother, but is willing to oversee her hatred for Eul when she decided she liked Jik. On a side note, does Eul even know they “dated”? I really wish that so much drama didn’t happen between the two families because Jik and Haru were pretty cute together, not that Haru even knows any of the drama. Maybe it’s best that she’s kept out of the loop. I don’t exactly know how she would respond because she’s a little unpredictable, but I feel like she would be a better version of her brother and want to take the right way out.

It’s absolutely terrifying how powerful people can be. Absolutely nobody would be able to take down Choi Hyun Joon, his wife, and Jung Eun, but themselves. I was half hoping that Choi Hyun Joon and his wife would declare war on Jung Eun and just reveal everything. I feel like Choi Hyun Joon does have a conscience but it’s just lost in there somewhere because of all the lies he’s been telling all these years to get to where he is now. It’s pretty hard for him to go back and repent without losing everything he has. He’s enveloped by fear and greed and maybe only the right people will bring him out of the darkness. But see, I can’t say the same for Jung Eun or Hyun Joon’s wife. They’re the real psychos in the drama and they deserve to be punished.

4/5 – I feel like a lot of people didn’t like this drama because it fell short of expectations. Overall, it was a very cliche drama, but I loved it. I also love the OST’s in this drama – it was very fitting and just hits you at the right points.


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