August in Review

It’s such a great and sad month for me because I just had a whole roller coaster of emotions. There were many great dramas as you all know, which was the highlight of the month. I’m sad to say that they all will be ending so soon and some already have ended. I’m even sadder to say that I’m already back to school. Nobody asked but I’ll share anyway that I had a great internship, and I would be missing everyone dearly. I honestly don’t know whether I like interning or going to school more, but probably the former. While I’m probably busy with school again, I’m not exactly sure how often I will be updating, though I believe I will be updating a lot more than the summer (since summer is a lot more hectic).

To start off, Task Force 38 finished earlier this month. It was a great drama of course, though if I compare it to Bad Guys, I think it came short a bit. Surely, there were many plot twists that towards the end, I wasn’t even worried when the drama left us on a cliffhanger. I thought it was pretty predictable that the squad would be able to succeed in the end. But how we get there is the real plot and although I had no idea what was going on half the time, I’m just glad that it worked out in the end – and also sad that Jung do sacrificed himself to bring justice.

Next, Doctors ended just last week. I really liked the plot and the characters, because they’re just so lovable. I love how Seo Woo learns to accept her faults and shortcomings. My favorite character is obviously our puppy from DOTS, Kang Soo. My heart just broke for him when he found out he had a brain tumor. And of course my least favorite character is Seo Woo’s dad, mainly because he’s all about the politics and I sound like Yoon Do when I say this, I hate hospital politics. I honestly think that this drama would be even better without hospital politics, but I guess it is a big aspect of the drama because it raises the most problems.

Let’s Fight Ghost also ended yesterday. I thought this drama was a bit scary at first, but it wasn’t entirely all that intriguing. I’d always questioned my choices of watching this drama, mainly because I didn’t want to watch such a scary drama, but I think the comedy really made it lighter than expected. I thought this drama was also pretty predictable, but that might be because I read a lot of comments and everyone else is really good at predicting things. I was also pretty confused because I had no idea why Bong Pal was racking up so much money or what Hye Sung was after, and sadly, comments didn’t help me because everyone knew but didn’t want to say/spoil to others.

And then there’s Uncontrollably Fond. I loved this drama so much in the beginning because I thought it was so heartbreaking and I love melodramas. Halfway into the drama, I was so frustrated because everyone in the drama was so despicable. I hated how the rich were such assholes and the poor just had to obey and “know their place”. It reminds me of Task Force 38 because it’s all about power and money that controls the whole world. I also loved the romance in this because I really wanted to see Noh Eul and Shin Joon Young together, but of course everyone has to get involved to the point I didn’t even care about the love line anymore. I’m more interested to see Haru and Noh Jik together.

W, as you all expect is still running strong. I really don’t even know what to really expect from this drama because it’s so unpredictable. In the beginning of the drama, I had this theory that Yeon Joo’s world is probably also a manhwa, but I think that would seriously just complicate things, though I feel like it would just explain everything because literally anything can happen in W. It’s kind of getting freaky. But to talk about the love line, I actually like how this drama isn’t two guys chasing after a girl. It’s two girls chasing after a guy and it breaks my heart to see Yeon Joo and Kang Chul living in two separate worlds.

After Show Me The Money ended, Unpretty Rapstar starts. I recall mentioning that I don’t like Unpretty Rapstar because they always make the girls diss each other as part of a mission. Honestly, what girls say are so hurtful because words stay with you forever. But honestly, we don’t know what really happens behind the scenes. In the first season, Jolly V and Tymee just bursted out on each other in the middle of filming. Later, they said that they were close friends, or at least acquaintances and there were no harsh feelings between them. I don’t know if it’s just media play or there actually aren’t harsh feelings between them, but these are probably things that we would never know. In the same way, I feel like Unpretty Rapstar is just trying to start up shit between the girls.

But speaking of the girls, and I only watched three episodes, but I think it’s enough to talk about my first impressions. Again, I’m not going to say that any rapper is bad because I can’t do better and I don’t even know how to judge. I think it’s an interesting season because it’s a mix of new generation rappers and old generation rappers. Obviously, their styles are a lot different and I think it’s just an interesting mix. I would say I know about half of the rappers because I’ve seen them before on SMTM or just somewhere. My favorite is obviously Yuk Ji Dam, only because we’ve seen her grow from mil-dang girl in SMTM3 to this strong arrogant rapper in UPR3. I feel like her point in joining this season is the same as BewhY and C Jamm in SMTM5 – to play, though I don’t think UPR3 is as much “play” as SMTM. It’s a lot more demanding and I feel like it just messes with the rappers’ mental and physical health. The rapper that also caught my eye is Grace. I think she just has an interesting style and fashion sense. She just seems very lovable, but I think we’ll have to see more to be able to say anything. Unpretty Rapstar is always so unpredictable because they do eliminations and add on additional rappers halfway through, which I think is the stupidest thing ever, but what can I do. I’m not the producer.

Song Releases:
I don’t think there were really that many good releases in August, though some may argue that Black Pink’s debut was the best. I didn’t think it was anything special, but the song that was the best is unarguably, C Jamm and BewhY’s puzzle.


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