Let’s Fight Ghost Review

It’s the end for Let’s Fight Ghost and I’m pretty glad I don’t have to see some scary ghost appearances anymore. The plot for this drama isn’t anything new; it’s similar to Cheoyong or Oh My Ghostess (I didn’t watch either of them; I watched a few episodes of Cheoyong and read recaps for Oh My Ghostess, but I have an idea of what both are about). I really liked the love line in this drama, and I always wondered how the writers would allow a ghost and a human together. And since I read comments, I thought it was a very predictable plot because everyone had predicted it (you guys are just too good!).

I really liked the plot at first because I thought it was quite funny and the one ghost story per episode was a nice pacing. However, as we watch on, I felt like the ghost stories were all the same. Most of the time, Bong Pal was just trying to get rid of ghosts because they were evil spirits wandering on Earth. I thought that maybe there would be more captivating stories, as in the ones that actually have a sad story behind it, like the story of the ghosts in the mental hospital, who just wanted to be properly buried. These stories are actually not even the main focus of the story because they start attacking the problem very late in the drama. Though, it’s not like you can fill up a whole drama series with just the main plot because there needs to be a time for Hyun Ji to remember what happened to her, though I feel like everything was just a bit rushed at the end (not necessarily rushed, I don’t know how to describe it, but I like the pacing when it’s slightly faster).

I had mentioned before that I was confused at everyone’s motives half the time in this drama. I had no idea why Bong Pal was trying to rack up so much money. I assumed that maybe it was so that he could find a way to fix his eyes and not see ghosts forever, but I’m not sure what that money would do. Perhaps he thinks that seeing ghosts is a burden, but it doesn’t actually seem like it at all because ghosts don’t seem to bother him that much. It was only when he was little that he was afraid, but now, he seems to be racking up a lot of money just exorcising ghosts. I also had no idea what the monk was trying to search for all this time (well, until the very end) because it was what the evil spirit was after as well. Not to mention, I had no idea why Hye Sung was being this really creepy and scary guy, making those little smirks at the camera all the time, until the very very end. See, I knew our alien doctor was up to no good.

Speaking of creepy and scary, I thought the scenes with the ghosts were pretty scary, especially with the CGs. Honestly, it wouldn’t be as scary if Chun Sang and In Rang wasn’t there screaming their butts off all the time. Bong Pal isn’t even scared because he’s so used to seeing ghosts. It seems like after he met Hyun Ji and became ghost busting partners with her, he became a better exorcist since Hyun Ji was able to see their weaknesses. He also connected more with the ghosts and started to understand that not spirit is evil. I guess that’s what happens when you have a spirit as your business partner. I liked the idea that Hyun Ji was a wandering spirit while she was in a coma. It would make sense for her to look so different from other ghosts. I honestly don’t think I would watch this drama if she looked the same as other ghosts. But there are some things that the drama points out that I still don’t really understand. I remember there was a scene where Hyun Ji was eating and when she finished, it showed that the food was not actually touched at all. I don’t know what that was supposed to mean, and it was never explained after. But who knows, maybe the show isn’t so consistent and I’m just looking too into it.

 4/5 – Let’s Fight, Ghost? More like Let’s Eat, Ghost.

I’m not trying to scare you with the following pictures, but when you see a face behind you like this, I think anyone would freak out.


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