Doctors Review

I’m sure if you read my previous posts, you’d know that I loved Doctors so much because it’s actually the first drama where I loved Park Shin Hye’s character and didn’t think she was playing a dumb girl in the drama. The drama then kept holding onto the brakes and I felt like it was super slow and wanted the story to move on. And yes, I did previously say that I felt like there wasn’t anything for the drama to talk about anymore now that they’re all older and it just turned into a love story. I’m not exactly wrong, but I’m not exactly right either because stories of some patients in the hospital actually do hit close to home for Hye Jung and it makes it a lot more relatable and fits into the story really nicely.

My favorite part of the drama would obviously be the beginning where she was still in high school because I liked how tough she was back then (and yes, I love strong characters). I honestly couldn’t bare to see how mistreated she was in her high school, but that was what molded her into a tough cookie and so-called “female gangster”. Not to mention, Jisoo had appeared more in the beginning and I loved his character as a bad boy. It was then where I felt like the love line would have been so perfect between Soo Chul (Jisoo’s character) and Hye Jung, but it was obviously not what the writers thought because Soo Chul was nonexistent for most of the drama. At this time, I really didn’t like that Hye Jung and Ji Hong was the love line because it seemed kind of creepy since she was a high school student and he was her teacher after all. I can’t exactly do the math, but I do believe that there is about an 8 or 9 year difference between them, which doesn’t turn out to be a big difference, especially when they’re older. In fact, later in the drama, I do see Ji Hong more as her co-worker than teacher. I loved the part when he comes back to the hospital and asks her if she got married, and when she said no, he simply said “We’re set then.” Nice going, teach.

But since I’m on that love line flow, I did talk about how Hye Jung seemed to be matched up with literally every guy she meets. I thought it was pretty funny, but cute at the same time. I honestly didn’t care too much about the love aspect in this drama. Hye Jung could end up with any guy or even with Soon Hee and I really wouldn’t care, mainly because I love all the characters. I especially love Kang Soo and I cried so much for him because I thought his character was just so sweet and bad things can’t happen to sweet people. I did say that I felt like the story was going pretty slowly because they were all doctors and there wasn’t a lot of plot or conflict. As a result, it really helped the main characters and the other side characters have their own moments of growth.

Okay, I don’t love all the characters. I didn’t really like Seo Woo at first, but she turned out to be better than I thought – at least better than her dad. She knows when to admit to her wrong doings and let go of her pride to do so. It makes her a lot more lovable than she was before. And as for her dad, I really hate dislike (hate is a strong word!!) Seo Woo’s dad. I felt like Seo Woo’s dad was so unnecessary in this drama and I just wanted to punch him in the face this whole time. But see, he’s actually the person who gave Hye Jung a goal at the hospital because he had failed on Hye Jung’s grandma’s surgery. Speaking of grandma, I love her character so much and I cried so much when she died, although it was so expected. I know this sounds pretty harsh, but it terms of story telling or drama scripting, she had to die in order for Hye Jung to grow up and change her life around. Grandma is easily the best character because she’s so inspirational and was the only one who believed in Hye Jung and encouraged her to be the best so that others won’t look down on her. But what I don’t really get is why Hye Jung is so hung up on it even after 13 years. There’s practically nothing she can do for Grandma anymore and I’m not sure what she really wants. But you know what, bringing down Seo Woo’s dad is good too. He deserves it, and I’m not saying this for grandma’s sake, but because every wrong doing should be punished.

4.5/5 – I wish I was as successful as all of them.


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