Task Force 38 Review

This drama isn’t one that you can easily read. When I did it, I couldn’t understand a single thing because the squad’s plans are way to intricate for me to understand. Even after watching it, I didn’t really understand, but that’s just me and I’m a little dumb. To be honest, this drama is the best when you marathon it. There are so many cliffhangers and it gets me wanting more after every episode.

I know I praise this drama so much, but in reality, I don’t know what to say about it. I don’t think it was really that good, but I don’t have any bad points to make about it either. It was interesting and caught me at the most unexpected times, but it didn’t really appeal to me that much either. But I honestly think the reason is because I couldn’t follow along with what they were doing. I never understood the hierarchy of the powerful people and the names confused me even more. The plans to scam these people are so intricate yet spontaneous because it’s absolutely impossible to plan everything ahead. Evil people are the smartest people and know when somethings a scam. So, the cons just follow the flow and improvise along the way when things go down a wrong turn. I really liked the idea of everything revolving around money and power. The powerful aiming to take over the world with their money, and are willing to cut off their tails (betraying each other) in order to get away. I thought it was silly that those who were betrayed still stay loyal because they believe that they have to take a step back before they run. But, they may be right, who knows. But it’s also the same for the conning squad, though I like that they sort of stay true to each other. What I liked about the scams was that the squad was really out there to get to the bad people and were fighting for the poor and powerless, who can’t do anything. It just tugs at my heart to see powerless people suffering and nobody helping them, no matter how much they plead because the powerful are always the bad guys to the end. Yes, scamming isn’t actually the right thing to do, even if it’s to tear down powerful people, but it’s a drama and we cheer for them because they are our heroines and the powerful are the real bad guys.

When I first started watching this drama, I wasn’t sure whether Yang Jung Do was the good guy or the bad guy. He was scamming people; he even scammed our Baek Sung Il, whom we all know is the good guy. But it’s really because we didn’t know what his ulterior motives were. Hell, I still don’t really understand. As the series goes on, we only understand that he does have a soft spot for powerless people who get played by the powerful because his parents have been through it and he wanted to take revenge for them. And that’s really why he agrees to help Baek Sung Il – since they have the same goals. But I feel like there’s more to that. Yang Jung Do works for another chairman, but the chairman doesn’t seem to be doing anything bad (though we don’t know that much from him). All I got was that he was in the middle of a power struggle between Chairman Choi and the mayor, but that was all Jung Do’s doings. Yang Jung Do is a tricky person, and has been a tricky person his whole life because of what he’s been through. He doesn’t trust easily, and would easily betray others. I was actually surprised that he became so fond of Baek Sung Il. I expected betrayal at any corner and even though it sort of did happen, Jung Do still has a soft spot for Baek Sung Il because they have similar experiences with the same people. He’s a softie inside who isn’t afraid to break the rules in order to set things right. I don’t believe that Jung Do has the cold heart to betray anyone who comes close to him either.

I love that Jung Do pretty much changed Baek Sung Il from an honest person, to someone who has fun conning others in order to fight for justice. It’s not that I liked that Jung Do turned Sung Il into a bad person, but more that he made him realize all the injustices and that these things aren’t to be left alone. It may be hard to set things right, but there is a way. But Sung Il seemed so happy while scamming people and even praised himself for being so good at it (which is absolutely the cutest thing ever), so I’ll let him have his moment. It honestly made me cringe to see Baek Sung Il being a pushover and a dog, following all the rules and be pushed around by the higher ups, especially after I’ve seen his character in Bad Guys. I don’t think my brain registers that it’s a totally different drama and I keep thinking that he should be a strong character here too (though he does become one in the end). I liked that Jung Do was able to ruff up Sung Il’s life and make his mundane life something more interesting and worth. He even learned that he was a natural at being a conman – who knew a downright public official was able of such an ability?

4/5 – I love how they made that connection between this drama and Bad Guys. Nice use of Ma Dong Seok’s characters. Nice job show.


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