Hyuna, Basick, Microdot

Comeback week of the rappers?
Basick – Nice
Featured G2 and Hwasa (Mamamoo)! Ugh, where did they film this music video? “It’s so fuckin nice.”

Hyuna – How’s this?
I’m honestly not a big fan of Hyuna’s comebacks anymore. Her best song was Change, but everything else afterwards was just aiming for the really sexy concepts to attract more views.

Oh My Girl – A-ing

Microdot – Talkin’ Bout
Microdot literally dropped a music video for every song on his album.

SNSD – 0805
Happy 9 Years to SNSD and Sones!

9Muses A – Lip 2 Lip
I really don’t know why they didn’t include the rest of the members (literally 2 other members) and just call it a comeback.

Ja Mezz – Memento


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