July in Review

July flew by so fast, especially because it is vacation time. While I had a really hectic month with my life outside of kdramas, I still tried to make time for dramas. After all, dramas are my stress reliever and I picked up so many good ones to the point that I had trouble keeping up with everything, though I only need one day to catch up on everything, being the marathoner I am. And just to be clear, the only thing I marathon is dramas.

I recently just did a post on summer dramas, but I guess I will talk more about it here, now that one has ended and I just began one. I know this section is super long because of the amount of dramas I’m watching, so I apologize in advance.

I finished Beautiful Gong Shim and now thinking about it, I feel like it wasn’t as good as I made it seem. I would probably take away half a star if I really wanted to, but I don’t think it really deserves that much of a lower rating. At that time, I felt like Beautiful Gong Shim was a really good drama compared to the others that I was watching, but then Doctors and Uncontrollably Fond and W came along and I realized that it wasn’t up to par. With that said, I would just like to address that a lot of the posts on my blog really depends on how I feel. My opinion isn’t always the right opinion, and I respect other contrasting opinions as well. My ratings on dramas depends on what other things I watch, though I do try to keep it consistent (and I’m not a really harsh grader either).

I really really liked Doctors because it was such a different drama (from the ones that Park Shin Hye usually does). I liked that it was fast paced and I was very interested in understanding Hyejung’s past. Now that they’re all doctors, there are so many parts talking about hospital politics and I just don’t want to follow along. In the recent episodes, it seems to have slowed down and I really don’t know what else there is to talk about for the next half of the drama.

My other Mon-Tues drama is Let’s Fight Ghost. I always end up watching this drama right before I sleep, and I always question my decision on watching it so late because it can be scary at times (mainly because the ghosts look scary). It’s honestly not a scary drama; it’s set up for a lot of LOLs. I love the Bongpal – Hyunji pairing because it’s so cute, and I’m really curious as to what really happened to Hyunji. She’s not a scary looking ghost; in fact, she looks quite different from them. As many have suspected as well, I think her death might have something to do with the cute looking but devilish professor, or at least something between the pairing is connected to him. I really want to know what’s up with that professor (and hello alien doctor from One More Happy Ending).

Moving onto Uncontrollably Fond, can I just say – I love it so much. I don’t think a lot of people like it (compared to W), but I am just so attached to this drama. I don’t think I can actually explain why I like this drama, but every episode just leaves me wanting more. Previously, I said that this drama seemed really cute from the trailers, but there is a surprising amount of melodrama elements in it. It really cuts at my heart strings to think about that time No Eul was in the surgery room and Joon Young was just praying for her to be okay and that he would give up his happiness to let her live. And to think that Joon Young is about to die after finally meeting her again? I just can’t handle.

I love Wednesdays and Thursdays now all because of Uncontrollably Fond and W. I can’t really tell which drama I like better. I just started W and I love it so much too. I find it interesting that Kang Chul is taking a life of his own rather than supposedly being a 2-D character. Maybe there is more to the simple reasoning of there being two parallel worlds, which isn’t even simple to start with. There are so many things that we need to find out, like why Dad wants to kill off Kang Chul, why he can’t, why Yeon Joo keeps getting sucked into the other world, and how it really happens. On a side note, I would really hate it if I were watching or reading a mystery novel/drama and the writer decides to kill off the main character without ever revealing who was behind the murders. If Kang Chul coming alive was a problem, at least reveal the culprit and make a happy ending – unless the culprit is really the writer himself.

Task Force 38 is also so interesting. I’m not actually as attracted to this drama as I am to the others, but once I watch, I really want to know what happens next. With this drama, I feel like everything that is, is actually not. I remember getting really angry because I thought Mi Joo was betraying the whole entire team, but turns out, it was really part of the plan. All of their plans are seriously ingenious. I really like the squad because they work so well together, and they’re a little less than bad but also a little less than good. But honestly speaking, I don’t really understand the hierarchy that the squad is trying to take down. It’s unclear to me who these people are and why they have so much power when they seem like normal people. On a side note, I haven’t decided on what to call this drama because there are so many names for it – Task Force 38, Squad 38, or Police Unit 38?

I haven’t even watched anything, nor is there anything for me to watch besides SMTM. As you all know, I love SMTM a lot. I think this season was probably the best season because of the producers and the contestants. Honestly, I heard so many people complain that the fifth season is just a recycle of contestants from other seasons, but there isn’t a rule against it. I’m glad that they are back because they bring expectations and hype onto the show. But to be real, I think what made me love the show was really C Jamm, BewhY, Zion.T, Simon D, Gray and the Illionaire Gang.

And I believe that Unpretty Rapstar is going to air soon, but I’m kind of skeptical about watching it. I feel like there is just so much unnecessary drama that comes with it and it just doesn’t compare to SMTM. SMTM really focuses on the people and performances, while UPR is all about competition and going against each other in order to win a song. It’s less interesting to me because I don’t like that everyone’s always dissing each other, unless it’s entertaining like BewhY and C Jamm. I’m not sure why they always pitch everyone against each other and call for a rap battle as a mission. Okay, it’s not that I’m not sure. The set up of the show pretty much calls for it, but that’s the main reason why I don’t like UPR. However, I watch it because I usually do end up loving all of the girls that come onto the show and continue to follow them after the season has ended. And please, no more eliminations and bringing more people onto the show this time; just keep the same cast and recruit the new people for other seasons.

Song Releases:
Of course, SMTM month means hiphop recommendations.
BewhY – Fake
C Jamm – Let It Be
Microdot – Wave 
Wendy x Seulgi – Don’t Push (Uncontrollably Fond OST) 
Sik-K – Rendezvous


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