Show Me the Money 5 Review

Surprise surprise I didn’t finished SMTM yet, but I felt like this was long overdue. I know SMTM ended a few weeks ago and I’m just behind on it. Subs usually come out a week after the episode does, and I watch it even later than that (only because I have too many dramas to keep up on!). So instead of watching, I would watch spoilers on Instagram and Youtube because I’m curious as to what happens. I intended to do one full review at first, but I realized I have a really bad memory, so I did a half way review earlier. Although the ending is what everyone cares about, I find the beginning the most entertaining. The producers are quite funny in the beginning because it’s more chill, while towards the ending, everyone is just trying to win.

Note: Spoilers Ahead!

I really like the beginning because the producers seem to have a nice time joking around with each other and with the contestants. When they do compete against each other, I feel like SMTM is a bit harsh. For example, I really didn’t like that after the 4 contestants chose their fellow producers, the producers would tell them who was voted the weakest on the team. I’m sure the rappers already feel inferior themselves and there’s no need to create such an awkward atmosphere to make the person feel bad; I can’t even imagine that happening in real life. It’s probably why One fell into depression and it really pained me to hear him call himself annoying and troublesome when he got eliminated.

Looking back on the three seasons I’ve watched (3, 4, 5), I still think the third season is the best. Perhaps it’s because it was the first season I watched and it wasn’t as messy as the fourth and the fifth season. I really didn’t like that the fourth and fifth season had the group diss battle (though in the fifth season, it was a bit entertaining because it was BewhY vs. CJamm). I remember in the 4th, it was so messy and so controversial because of the Superbee’s disses and Blacknut’s behavior. I really disliked the cypher mission with Snoop Dogg in the 4th season because it seemed kind of unnecessary and was such a mess. I thought the 5th seasons was really entertaining, but mainly because there were so many people I’ve seen on the show before or have heard of their songs prior to the show. I didn’t even know who to root for but below was my list.

My list among the top 12 was this:
1. C Jamm
2. BewhY
3. Flowsik
4. Reddy
5. Superbee
6. Seo Chul Goo
7. G2
8. One
9. Boi B
10. Myundo
11. #Gun
12. Donutman

And just because I put someone closer to the bottom doesn’t mean they’re bad or anything. In fact, I don’t know how to judge people’s performances, but I do have favorites. I was planning to talk about each contestant at first, but I realized that I didn’t really have much to say about them. And I’ll just spoil right here that BewhY won SMTM5. I feel like every winner of SMTM deserved to win, even though many people think the audience votes are just popularity votes. I remember in the 3rd season, I thought that the audience just favored Bobby because he was popular, but after I watched the season, he really did deserved to win and be recognized. In all honesty, I would be happy regardless of who won the show.

I know everyone was pretty upset that Flowsik lost because he was such a good rapper after all, but I guess I understand that it really depends who the audience is. The most important thing about SMTM is putting up a really good performance. Since it’s a Korean audience, it’s important to appeal to them. It’s understandable that Flowsik was rapping in mainly English, and it’s also understandable that the audience may not understand what he was saying. I think a similar thing happened with Jessi on Unpretty Rapstar, but she’s still everyone’s favorite (or at least my favorite). Flowsik didn’t really lose unfairly (like Superbee in SMTM4 [On a side note, I’m so glad that Illionaire didn’t take advantage of Superbee and actually made something out of him because he is one of the best after all.]), but there are just so many factors that contribute to it. I’m not blaming his use of English and I might be recycling other people’s words here, but audience votes really seems to depend on the song, the lyrics, and the people who are performing/featuring in the song.

It’s a pity that it’s so easy to lose, yes, but SMTM has given many of these rappers an opportunity to get their name out there, which seems to be the main point of the show. Many rappers end up getting offers from companies, featured in popular songs, and are promoted more as well. Last season, One signed with YG after SMTM, though we all don’t know if that was a good decision or not. Recently, Starship Ent. announced that #Gun was going to have a solo debut. Even I get into it so much that I start researching everyone and learning more about them. It’s why I’m so obsessed with $exy $treet right now, all because of C Jamm and BewhY. I just love how C Jamm always mentions BewhY in his raps, and basically just promotes him. I also learned that Sanchez is Microdot’s brother. And after knowing a little bit more about every rapper, everything makes a little more sense, such as why Dok2 said it was easy to get Microdot on the show. I wouldn’t say that SMTM is the “cheat key to fame and success”, but it definitely does bring fame and success.

So with that said, I’d like to share my favorite performances or cuts from the fifth season. I find that after watching the performance and reading the English subs for it, I’m more emotionally attached to the song, so I might be missing a few songs that some may think should be included here.


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