Beautiful Gong Shim Review

I started reading this drama without even knowing what it was going to be about, but it had surpassed my expectations. Right from the start, I thought it was pretty funny because of the two dorky main characters. But more than that, I thought that Minah’s character, Gong Shim is someone I fear becoming. Gong Shim is a person who’s underestimated, has bad luck, and works part time jobs all day because she can’t get a full time one. I’m sure everyone has these fears, especially those who are getting to that age where they are unclear about their futures.

Honestly, what captivated me in this drama was the humor. I’m not sure why I’ve been down for romcoms nowadays, but I guess I just want to enjoy myself. I liked that this drama was pretty light, but also made us feel for the characters as well. I always thought that Gong Shim was the underdog in this drama and everyone else who looked down on her was the bad guys. In dramas like these, we obviously want to see the underdog(s) succeed, and that’s what she does – without anyone’s help. When she emphasized that she wanted to get a job without anyone’s help, I thought that was really honest of her because I don’t think I would be able to have the same mindset as her if I were in her position since I would just be so depressed to do anything.

I feel like the main reason why she was looked down upon is because she’s supposedly “ugly” and studied horticulture in college, which many people see as useless. In reality, Gong Shim is someone who has her own dreams, but was forced to give up her dreams because of family situations and probably her sister. She’s not ugly, only her wig is ugly. I don’t think she even needed to wear a wig to cover up her bald spot. It’s not like she has really little hair like me; her other hair pretty much covered up the bald spot. And speaking of her sister, she annoyed me through the whole drama. She isn’t necessarily a bad character, but I really didn’t like her personality.

But the drama didn’t actually focus that much on Gong Shim, but rather Ahn Dan Tae’s birth secret because it was a more interesting story line. But towards the end, I was just so frustrated when he was trying to find out who kidnapped him when he was little and who tried to kill his father. It gets frustrating at some point because we all know who the culprit is, but only Dan Tae doesn’t know and the culprit is pretty good at covering up his tracks. I was pretty sad that this situation killed Junsu and Dan Tae’s bromance when Junsu didn’t want to help Dan Tae. Talking about bromance, I loved the bromance between Junsu’s dad and Gong Shim’s dad. I found it really funny that those two were practically filming a k-drama themselves. And that’s what I really mean by this drama is pretty light. Although we’re hit with the birth secret story line and it seems a bit serious, we also get this bromance on this side, making it not as serious as it’s supposed to be.

I remember reading everyone’s comments complaining about the lack of kiss scenes. I actually expected this drama to be really romance oriented, but it wasn’t. Well, yes, if this drama was romance oriented, the main leads probably would’ve kissed before the half way point in the drama, instead of waiting for the last few episodes. I think it worked out for the best, though. The romance was always there, but it didn’t take over the entire drama.  I didn’t think it was actually necessary for the romance to be there, although I have to admit that Gong Shim and Ahn Dan Tae are pretty damn cute together. In the end, it’s still a typical drama with typical k-drama story lines, but I really enjoyed the humor it has brought.

4/5 – I waited the whole drama for Gong Shim to take off her wig, but when she did, I got used to her wig I thought she looked weird without it.


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