Summer Dramas

It stresses me out when I have a lack of posts because a few months ago, I had everything scheduled and I have absolutely nothing now. I used to make playlists, but now that it’s summer, I’m more focused on dramas and variety shows than songs. So, I thought it was proper to do a follow up on what I’m watching and what I’m looking forward to watching.

Since it is summer, I do expect myself to pick up a lot of dramas. Right now, I’m watching the following:

1. Beautiful Gong Shim
This drama is almost done and a review is coming up very soon. I actually got my mom to watch this drama as well, though she kept complaining how pointless it was. I guess it is a bit pointless in the beginning, but I like it because it was funny and entertaining. I don’t want to talk that much here because I will explain a lot more about why I like this drama and why I watched it from start to finish.

2. Doctors
I briefly talked about this drama in my June in Review, but that was when only the first two episodes came out. I really loved the first two episodes and I have to admit that I sort of like her high school days better. It’s still interesting when they’re all doctors, but I don’t really like it when they play hospital politics into the drama. I was really iffy on the relationship between Hye Jung and the teacher, Ji Hong. I think I mainly opposed it because he had his eyes on her since her high school days. But now that they’re both a lot older and working together, I’m fine with it. I just find it funny that literally everyone is chasing after Hye Jung. I’m sure everyone watching this drama is already counting how many guys are after Hye Jung. Weirdly enough, I actually ship all of them. I must admit that Hye Jung has her own charm because she has a great personality and I love her sismance with Soon Hee. She’s the type of person who’s so career oriented that she doesn’t care about anything else, which makes me look up to her in some way. I’m looking forward to the rest of the drama and hopefully I’ll see more Jisoo in the upcoming episodes.

3. Police Unit 38
I did say that it wasn’t that appealing at first but I find myself coming back every week. I mentioned before that it was the same writer as Bad Guys, and I could really tell because it is basically the same theme: bad guys using their own ways to get other bad guys. I think what’s most fascinating is that they are trying to get the most corrupt and high up authorities out there, who are really hard to take down. Any other righteous way would probably not work. Even then, bad guys, err the real bad guys are really tricky and hard to trick. I’m curious as to whether the gang would actually be successful, which is why I continue to watch.

4. Uncontrollably Fond
I haven’t talked about this drama at all because it just came out. I’ve been looking forward to this drama because it is Suzy and Kim Woo Bin. I’ve realized that I haven’t seen any of Suzy’s dramas since Dream High. I heard that people complained about Suzy’s cringe-worthy acting, but I just thought that was her character. Uncontrollably Fond is definitely up to a good start. It seems like a really cute drama based on the trailers and what I’ve seen. I’m actually really curious about what happened between the two when they were younger. I really love how touching the story line is, which is the main factor that keeps me coming back every where.

5. Let’s Fight Ghost 
I just started this drama and I’m actually not a big fan of ghost dramas. I thought this was going to be a really scary drama, but it turned out to be quite funny. There’s really funny sound effects and background music, which make it a really light drama, though I do get creeped out at times. I’m not sure if I would actually continue watching this or not, but I will still have to wait out a couple episodes to be sure. I find this drama to be a bit like Cheoyong (the ghost drama with Hyosung in it), except that it’s not a crime solving drama, but a ghost busting one. On a side note, is it wrong that I ship a human and a ghost together?

Dramas I have my eyes on:
I know there are so many good dramas coming out this summer and I don’t actually know the names of a lot of them until they come out.
1. W
2. Wanted – I know this came out already and it seemed like a really good crime thriller, though I still haven’t decided whether I want to watch this or not.
3. More to come because I don’t know the names yet…


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