Wonder Girls, Beast, Unnies, NCT 127 & More!

Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely
Wonder Girls the band is back! This song is quite different from their others but I believe it’s because this song is their first self-composed song.

Juniel – Pisces

JooHee – Happy
JooHee from 8eight? I was pretty said when I heard the 8eight disbanded, although I didn’t really know that group that well. I’ve heard a few of their songs and I really liked it. But I guess every group now is disbanding and we have no say in it anyway.

BEAST – Ribbon

B-Free – New Wave
B-Free has a history of dissing many idols and other rappers, but I think it’s pretty normal because you can’t just get along with everyone in the entire world.

Se7en – I’m Good
I’m glad to hear that Se7en is doing good…well.

Infinite – That Summer

Matilda – Summer Again
Definitely a lot of summer songs (see above). I don’t really like the cutesy voices in this song, but it does sound a bit refreshing and reminds me of the songs back then (2009-2010 era?).

NCT 127 – Fire Truck
I don’t know why but I’m not really excited for new SM groups. I admit that SM produces really catchy songs, but their artists don’t necessarily appeal to me that much. Nevertheless, probably worth sharing though.

Unnies – Shut Up
I’ve been waiting for this for forever. The music video is pretty entertaining though I wished they promoted this song more (though that is a bit of a hassle if they keep going on music shows because everyone is so busy).


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