Lucky Romance Review

Maybe you’re wondering why I’m writing a review for Lucky Romance when it didn’t even finish, but it is because I ultimately decided that I didn’t want to watch it anymore. Perhaps I don’t really have the right to write a review for this drama because I was only reading it and I dropped it half way through. Maybe it would have been a little more captivating if I actually watched it, but I didn’t want to waste two hours each week watching something I didn’t really like. So instead, I’ll talk about why I didn’t like this drama and decided to drop it.

I usually don’t like to drop dramas halfway through because even if I don’t like the drama, I would still want to know what happens in the end. I think the main reason why I decided to drop was because I already had a lot of dramas on my hand, and this one was just not as appealing to me. It’s not difficult for me to catch up on everything because there are 7 days in a week, and only one or two episodes come out each week. But when something isn’t interesting, I end up skimming and skipping through the episode, to the point I won’t actually know what it’s about. At this point, I told myself that there was no point in continuing.

I guess it’s not shocking that I decided to drop the drama if I didn’t like the plot because I felt like there was no complexity in the plot. Everything was just so centered around Bonui trying to catch a tiger (someone born in the year of a tiger) and save her sister from a comatose state. It kind of annoyed me that the whole drama was just all about the chase between Bonui and Suho. I know the set up has potential to be really funny, but it fell short of my expectations. I just remember that the first few episodes were quite captivating and entertaining, but it went downhill from there for me.

Moving onto the actors/actresses and their respective characters, I normally really like Hwang Jung Eum’s acting and character. But in this drama, I don’t like her hair and I guess she doesn’t have a really crazy role. I can see how her superstitious self can make her a crazy character, but her other roles, such as in Kill Me, Heal Me and She Was Pretty were much more appealing. I honestly wanted to watch this drama because I wanted to see the chemistry between Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Joon Yeol. I’m sure the chemistry was there, but I just couldn’t feel it through words on a page. So yes, the romance was there, but I wasn’t up for it this time around.

?/5 – I guess I don’t really have a reason why I dropped Lucky Romance, besides the fat that I didn’t like it. So, I won’t give this a grade because I didn’t even finish it and it would obviously be a low grade from me.


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