June in Review

Since I was on vacation from mid-May to early-June, I had much to catch up on. So, June was just me trying to play catch up on everything, as well as starting many new and interesting dramas. Now that I’m off from school, I have a lot more time to watch more dramas. But I must say that the dramas coming out now are a lot more interesting than when I was still in school.

After two months, I finished Entertainer! I know I criticized it so much, but it really wasn’t that bad – especially the ending. I thought that it rather told an emotional story of the characters than a comedy. I don’t really want to get repetitive with the technicalities because I wrote about it all in the review, but I thought it did fall short of our expectations because the beginning was actually a bit boring, which is technically the most important part of the drama because it should captivate the audience.

So while I was on vacation, my friend had suggested I check out Beautiful Gong Shim and Lucky Romance. I am currently watching Beautiful Gong Shim, but I am just reading Lucky Romance because I don’t really like the set up for Lucky Romance. I know Lucky Romance had some competition with Entertainer because it was Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Joon Yeol vs. Jisung and Hyeri, which hyped up the dramas for me. But, Lucky Romance fell short of my expectations because I didn’t like the story. I didn’t like the Hwang Jung Eum’s character, Bonui was chasing after Suho (Ryu Joon Yeol) just to save her little sister because the fortune teller told her to do so. There’s nothing really more to the story than the chase between the guy and the girl.

Beautiful Gong Shim is a different story since it caught my eye for being really funny. I feel like Beautiful Gong Shim has a better story line because there’s more than just a love story. When I first watched it, I saw that it was more of a story about a girl who fell short of everyone and her own expectations. It was a story about a guy who took his life lightly, but one big secret shook him to reality. Unlike the other two dramas, I didn’t necessarily watch this drama because of the actors/actresses. But speaking of them, I almost didn’t even recognize Nam Goong Min – he looks so different! And for Minah, I really didn’t like her hairstyle, but thank goodness it’s just a wig.

Later in the month, I started Task Force 38 and Doctors. Task Force 38 didn’t seem interesting at first because I was reading recaps and I just couldn’t understand what was going on. But when I watched it, it was quite interesting as are most OCN dramas because I love police dramas and thrillers like Bad Guys (not to mention, it’s the same director and writer as Bad Guys). So I’m looking forward to a pretty good run with this drama. I guess it would seem a bit boring at first because it’s about public officials trying to collect taxes from people and hating their job. But when you add Seo Inguk’s character in (who’s a swindler), it gets quite interesting.

I know everyone has been looking forward to Doctors because it is Park Shin Hye (though I didn’t even recognize her because she lost so much weight, or maybe it’s the hair…). I’ll be honest, I’m not a very big fan of Park Shin Hye’s works, even though everyone loves her and her works (Heirs, Pinocchio, etc). I think this is the best drama she’s done so far because the plot is a lot more captivating, so no, I’m not watching it because of her. But I did realize that Jisoo is in this drama and I hope he has a bigger role in this drama than just a bad boy who appears in a few episodes and disappears from the girl’s life forever. I’ve only watched the first few episodes and I can’t wait to see more of Park Shin Hye’s bad ass character and hopefully it won’t go downhill from the first few episodes.

I’m so hyped because June and July is Show Me the Money month. I really liked the third season, but I thought the fourth season was just alright. I am looking forward to this season, though because I’m familiar with more contestants now (after watching the previous seasons and keeping up with some rappers). I’m really curious as to what the outcome will be. I know there’s always so many controversies around SMTM, just from the contestants not acting properly on TV, the evil editing, the politics that many producers play. SMTM is not fair game and we all know it. The reason why we still watch it is just for entertainment. As Dok2 said, SMTM is SMTM; it’s just a show, so things do happen.

I also decided to keep up with Sister’s Slam Dunk. I honestly started watching it because Jessi was in it, but I really like the whole cast. Everyone gets along really well and it’s fairly entertaining. Though I haven’t been watching much in the month of June because I was too busy catching up on SMTM and dramas, I promise to watch more in July.

Song Releases:
Loco x Gray – Good
Tiffany x Simon D – Heartbreak Hotel
Babylon – Crush On You

After releasing SMTM half way review, I felt it was a bit unfair that I didn’t share songs that were released. I also realized that I haven’t been doing Songs of the Week because I’ve just been so out of it. I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it, but for now, I hope this will suffice. If you really want to know which song I like the best, I must say $insa (the first song), mainly because it is C Jamm, Reddy, Seo Chul Goo and Killagramz in Zion.T style.


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