Entertainer Review

As you all know, this drama was not to my liking when it first came out. I heard that it was supposed to be really good, but I felt disappointed after the first episode because it didn’t meet my expectations. Even the teasers seemed like it was a fun drama, but it wasn’t the case in reality. The set up plot isn’t laughing matter either. I’m not sure why they advertised this as a comedy because I cried more than I laughed. But, the plot did get better over time and I enjoyed it. I’ve said before that I felt like the drama was really slow and I actually dreaded when news came out that Entertainer was going to have a 2 episode extension because extensions means that they would just drag on the plot. So yes, I do think that the drama could have ended nicely at episode 16, but I thought the extension made the drama quite likeable and gave a solid ending, closing up loose ties, though there were many scenes that seemed unnecessary and were just fillers for the full hour.

There was a really complicated set up, and it seemed like there was a lot of drama going on. Have anyone ever thought that this whole court case problem could have been avoided if Jiyoung didn’t take this case to court? She could have threatened KTop quietly with her video, instead of dragging Haneul into it. But yes, drama be drama because there would have been no story line. The thing is, they ignored this problem for half the drama, until they get back to it and resolve it in one episode. This was actually when I first started thinking the drama was getting better. I didn’t like the beginning where Seok Ho was trying to create the band, and each character had his own moment of not wanting to join for the sake of other people. But as the drama started addressing the main conflicts, things did get interesting and a lot more touching.

But what I actually love about this drama is that it focuses a lot on the characters and their relationships between each other, aka the bromance. Before I actually address the characters and the bromance, I just want to quickly talk about the romance. I’m pretty sure everyone dreaded Hyeri and Jisung being paired together at first because there was such a big age gap in real life (and thus, the paring may have been awkward), so I’m actually pretty glad that the drama never took it too far.The thing is, we never actually knew how old Hyeri was supposed to be in the drama, so maybe in the drama, there actually isn’t that big of an age gap. Yes, I did think Geurin (Hyeri’s character’s name) and Haneul would have been a better ship, but now that I think about it, it might be a little weird considering the set up since Geurin is supposed to be his “older sister”. Although I didn’t necessarily ship Geurin and Seokho, I did ship Yeonsoo and Minjoo together. Now, we do know that there is a big age gap in the drama between them, but I guess I oversaw the age gap because it didn’t actually feel like there was a big age gap.

But since the drama didn’t focus much on the romance, it focused more on the bromance and the actual conflicts that each person had. I liked that the characters became so close as they overcame many hardships together. It’s what made them a really closely knitted group. From the start, we knew that Entertainer band was going to be troublesome in the industry because we weren’t sure if they would be accepted for their backgrounds. But, I’m glad that fans are actually much more supportive than we think (although that’s not always the case in real life). We were able to see the background of almost every character since each episode focused on a different character. I really loved how all the characters were always so forgiving, even after everything they’ve been through. Even though they have the upper hand, they never want the other party to be hurt. There were so many “bad guys” in the drama, but at the same time, because of how forgiving the main characters were, we also didn’t want to see the worst of them and wanted to give them a second chance. Maybe they aren’t so “bad” after all and there was actually just one big bad guy in the drama. I thought that the second half of the drama was really touching because we actually experienced the difficult backgrounds with the characters. I cried so much over Yeonsoo and Chanhee’s story, and cried even harder for Haneul and his brother. I liked that all the characters went through hardships and that although people make mistakes, there is always a way out. I feel like that’s actually pretty rare in real life; people aren’t always so forgiving and it’s actually so hard to find people who are just as good-natured as the boys in Entertainer band.

3.5/5 – Sweet and emotional but could be better.


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