Song Releases Update

I’m slowly trying to catch up with songs that I missed out while I was gone. My watch later playlist was actually 40 songs long, so this will be a very long post, but no worries, it will go back to the normal schedule next week. There’s been some pretty good releases while I was gone. And again, I was pretty frustrated because while I listening to the new songs, I picked out some songs that I liked. However, while I was writing the post, the post deleted by itself and I was not lucky enough this time to revive the post.

Boys 24 – Rising Star
Boys 24 is the male version of the show Produce 101, where 49 trainees compete and 24 will debut. Seriously, 24? That’s…over the top.

Seo In Young – Hugged By You

Hoody – Like You
I’ve been looking forward for her releases after she joined AOMG. And she definitely did not disappoint.

Heize – Shut Up and Groove
I was looking forward to this song because Heize is my favorite rapper from Unpretty Rapstar 2 and DEAN is, well, DEAN. I feel like only sings in this song, and doesn’t rap at all. But she still has a sweet voice, so I’m not saying it’s bad, but I do like her rapping more.

Kisum – 2 Beer
Another one of my favorite Unpretty Rapstars.

I feel like this song is not as similar as their previous releases, which I like.

Sik-K – Alcohol(?)
I’m kind of wary of putting inappropriate things here and you may be wondering why I’m only bringing this up now when I’ve put up 19+ rated videos before. But this is actually the first time I watched the video and felt it was a little inappropriate (this video is of them having a house party and getting turned up and whatnot). Anyway, I was looking forward to this song because it’s Sik-K. This song is really catchy, but I feel like they put a little too much auto tune in it. The title is also in question marks because I’m not sure what the title is…

Baek A Yeon – So-So 
After I read the lyrics for this song, I realized how fitting it was. Everything’s just so-so to me.

Other songs!!!
Jung Key – I Don’t Want
XIA – Rock the World
Gain x Minseo – Imi Oneun Sori
Luna – Free Somebody
Oh My Girl – Windy Day
Beenzino – Life in Color


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