May in Review

Well, I’m back! If you’re curious about my adventures, you can read about them here. I do have a lot to catch up on, so my apologies for being so slow. On a side note, I’m really frustrated because I already had finished writing this post when it completely disappeared. But luckily, I was able to revive my post through the app on my phone.

In May, I started Descendants of the Sun (I know I’m so late), but it was definitely really good. I’m sure you all know that I read recaps for it first and then watched the drama because I had nothing better to do. I really regret not watching it during the hype of it, but I couldn’t anyway I guess. And since I watched it so late, I still have feels for it. I think the best part of the drama is not just the characters and plot, but also the slick editing in here. Scenes transitioned so well that I was utterly impressed and made me keep going. Also, there weren’t a lot of useless scenes in there, so if you were wondering, no, I did not skip over a lot of scenes.
And yes, I’m still on Entertainer. I don’t know if I wrote this in April Review, but I feel like this drama is pretty slow. It only has just started addressing the main problem in the drama, hence, getting better. I feel like I always talk trash about Entertainer, but it’s actually not that bad. It’s just not as interesting and up to par with Descendants of the Sun. However, many scenes actually tug at my heart. In fact, I feel like what they talk about actually hits a little close to home. In the drama, K-Top is the really big company that seems to have a lot of power. Seeing that they are able to limit the Entertainer band through their connections is already enough evidence. Doesn’t that remind you of something? *wink wink*
And that’s all for K-dramas; it was pretty much the same as last month.
I believe this is actually the first time I’m actually going to talk about some variety shows that I’ve watched. I know, I never talk much about variety shows, but I did watch a few (err, make that a lot) while I was studying for finals. What better things is there to watch when you don’t want to watch dramas and need something entertaining. I think variety shows is just like dramas, but a little less dramatic and has no commitment. And if you’re curious as to what I watched, I watched a few episodes of this and that, including: Running Man, We Got Married, Weekly Idol, Celebrity Bromance, Sisters Slam Dunk, and Happy Together.
I never really watch Running Man because it gives me anxiety to see games like that being played out. But when I’m stressed myself, I find it pretty entertaining. I watched the episode of Running Man with Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo (because I can’t get over Descendants of the Sun) and another with Lee Je Hoon, Go Ara and Kim Sung Kyun. I thought those episodes were pretty funny and I had a really good laugh. Now that I think of it, I must have been really inconsiderate to be laughing my butt off, while my roommate was stressing out over her final. But don’t worry, my laughter didn’t last too long, sadly.
We Got Married was also not bad; I’m looking forward to Eric Nam and Solar, and I think I might want to continue watching them, but I am really sad to see Sungjae and Joy go. I did watch a few episodes of Sungjae and Joy, but I think I would have to go back from the beginning and watch again. I never like beginnings because everyone’s always so awkward but Sungjae and Joy are so cute (in the recent episodes that I watched) that I just can’t not watch them. And I can’t believe that Sungjae and Joy are only a year or two older than me. So I guess WGM with them isn’t actually the married life, but dating life? I don’t know. All I know is that they’re so cute together.
I also watched Celebrity Bromance with Nam Joo Hyuk (from School 2015) and Ji Soo (from Angry Mom). Just for fun. Celebrity Bromance is just a few episodes and the episodes aren’t even long episodes, so I guess I would watch if I’m really bored and have nothing else to watch. I’m also watching the one with L and Kim Min Suk (from DOTS). And if anyone remembers, they were on Shut Up! Flower Boy Band together. Heee, they’re both so cute.
Enough of the bromance, on to the sismance, I started Sisters Slam Dunk, with Tiffany, Jessi, Ra Mi Ran, and other celebrities. The theme is to fulfill any dreams that these celebrities had because they all debuted at such a young age and didn’t get to live a proper normal life. It’s definitely a cute theme and I do believe Jessi when bungee jumping or sky diving of some sort, as seen on her Instagram.
And Show Me the Money 5 is being released, and I’m really excited for this season. The only problem I have with Show Me the Money is the censoring. I feel like all the censoring takes away the meaning in the rappers words. And it also bothers me to see tattoos being blurred out as well. But yes, before you shoot down my thoughts, I get that it’s inappropriate for such things when viewers are underage. I hope there will be English subs soon, and if there is, you know what I’ll be doing.
Song Releases:
I definitely have a lot more songs to catch up on that I wasn’t able to listen to yet. So here are some song recommendations from Mid-May:

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