BTS, Jessica, AOA, Monsta X & More!

There’s so many comebacks this week, so don’t forget to check out more songs on the bottom!

AOA – Good Luck
I was actually really confused because I had embedded this video in the morning, but when I came back to this post in the afternoon, the video had been removed. I actually don’t see a difference between the two videos, but I heard there is a little difference. I really like this song; it’s catchy and the style is a little different from their previous songs.

On a side note, I have no idea why they are receiving so much hate for having a comeback. I know they recently had a controversy over not knowing historical figures, but seriously, not everyone is perfect. The fact that they are in the entertainment industry means that they probably spent a lot of time training and not a lot of time in school. Half of the people out there drop out of school or decide not to go to college. I hope my post about not seeing them as idols in life is a little more applicable now. They are artists, not someone you try to copy. Hopefully, they will get over this controversy soon.

MC Gree – 19
A lot of people had their doubts on him because he was Kim Gura’s son and thought that his dream to be a rapper was only a phase. However, he proved everyone wrong and came out with this wonderful song.

Jessica – Fly
The long awaited comeback is here!

Amber – On My Own


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