Megan Lee, BTS, AKMU, I.O.I & More

Megan Lee – Stronger

BTS – Fire
LOL I love how they were just dancing in front of a stove as the “fire” in one scene.

I.O.I – Dream Girls
I actually still don’t know their name. Regarding this song, it’s good, but I feel like it’s such a typical song. There’s nothing really special about it.

AKMU – How People Move
I’m actually not a really big fan of this song, or their other song, Re-Bye. I do, however, love their voices.

Crush – Woo Ah
This song is pretty damn good, but also be sure to check out his other song, 9 to 5. I love the beat in that song, but the autotune just really messed it up in the beginning.



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