Descendants of the Sun Review

After a long battle of not watching Descendants of the Sun, I gave in and actually read recaps for the whole thing in a few hours. A lot of people always ask my why I read recaps instead of watching, but think about it. It takes me about 4 hours to read the whole series, but it takes me 16 hours to watch the whole series. By reading, I save a lot of time, and if I like it, I can always choose episodes to watch, or even watch the whole thing without worrying what will happen next (allowing me to sleep in peace). I explained in another post that I didn’t watch it as it was coming out because I do like watch on Viki, but there was a Viki-pass put on those episodes, which made me not like drama. Silly, I know.

Update (as this was being posted): I’m currently watching it, but I do skip around to parts that I like and skip over parts I don’t like. Perks of reading recaps and knowing what happens!

I honestly felt like everyone over-hyped it. The drama is good, yes, but I feel like it’s just a typical drama. To start off, I thought the plot was quite interesting; it was set in a non-typical setting with the military and doctors. The drama put the main characters in dangerous situations, and we never knew what would happen to them because they was always a possibility that they would die. But since I watched it after the whole series ended, it didn’t give me the same emotions I would have felt if I watched it as it was coming out. What is mean is that I knew the characters would be alive and nothing would happen to them. At the same time, if I watched it as it was coming out, I would have felt the same way because there is no way that the script-writers would let such a good drama go by killing off their main characters (though there are some exceptions *cough Iris cough*). But looking back, I feel like this drama is more of a love story than anything, and not even a complicated love story at all (which I like).

I thought the drama was entertaining because of the characters. There was a lot more humor than I had expected (but sometimes I find that it may be due to a good story teller). Yoo Si Jin’s character is a jokester, making light of many situations and Mo Yeon adds onto the humor at times. Their relationship is quite cute, I must say, and for some reason, they reminded me of the main couple in It’s Okay, That’s Love. I know that the two dramas are different, but maybe it’s because the female leads are both doctors and the male lead in both dramas are really likeable and similar in the sense that they pester the girl into liking them. I also liked that the writers didn’t make this into a complicated love triangle because I hate love triangles. I’m so glad the second leads had their own love line and they, too, were really cute together. I thought the second leads actually had more drama going on in their relationship, like how the dad opposed them and they couldn’t really be together, etc, etc. I actually couldn’t believe that there was a 12 year difference between those two in real life. Their age gap was really unnoticeable, as compared to Entertainer, although there is a bigger age gap in Entertainer, but it also may be because Kim Ji Won looks a lot older than Hyeri, making it more believable. Besides the actual relationships in the drama, I really loved the bromance between the two guys.

Hee! Twinsies!
Note: Since I read the drama instead of watching it, this is my interpretation of what I read.
4.5/5 – Overrated, yes, but good nonetheless.

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