Twice, Yang Da Il, Lovelyz & More

I know I usually post song releases on Saturday nights, but I’m moving this post a day earlier because I’m getting ready for an April in Review, so look forward!

There’s also a lot of songs this week so don’t forget to check out the songs on the bottom!

Twice – Cheer Up
Twice is back! But I don’t think this song is as good and cheery as their debut song.

Yang Da Il – She Didn’t Love Me
Oooh, it’s okay if she didn’t love you because I am in love with this song.

Lovelyz – Destiny
Haha, Infinite also has a song named Destiny (Infinite and Lovelyz are from the same company), and although this is good, I like Infinite’s Destiny better. Maybe I’m just being really biased. (Also I just realized that Woolim’s logo on their youtube videos has the infinite symbol. Are the two l’s supposed to represent Lovelyz?)

Babylon – Between Us
Babylon is like another Zion.T and Crush to me, so I guess you can infer that this song is also really good.


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