April in Review

Ack, another month has passed, and it’s time for another monthly review. I think I’ve reflected a lot on how my life connects to my passions. My laptop also broke down half way through the month and I got it fixed as well, but I’m still being very careful with how I use it and what I do on the computer.

In April, I’ve finished two dramas: Page Turner and Come Back Ahjusshi. Page Turner was a little cliche and not all that interesting as I thought it would be. Come Back Ahjusshi was pretty good in the beginning – I would never get tired of watching the second and third episodes, but at the end, I didn’t really like it. I do believe that Come Back Ahjusshi should have received more credit and popularity than it already has. The only reason why it wasn’t very well received by the public was because it was up against Descendants of the Sun, which had the same airing time, and according to some people, is a lot better than Ahjusshi. While I didn’t watch DOTS, I do have my reasons (in which I would explain in another post) but I will add it to my to-watch list.

Throughout April, I was so bored because I was only watching two dramas (technically one), so I started re-watching old Hong Kong dramas. I’m 100% positive that I’ve watched these before, but I had no memory of it. You can read about them here, if you missed it.

I haven’t mentioned it in any other posts, but I’ve also started to watch Entertainer, but it doesn’t seem interesting yet. I actually started watching the drama without even knowing what it was going to be about. The synopsis on websites don’t even help either. While I don’t actually have an idea on what is supposed to happen, I heard that it was supposed to be a comedy drama, so I was expecting something lighter and funnier, but that didn’t happen at all. I’ll just have to give it time. But I actually have a question…does Hyeri and JiSung have a love line? Because that age gap is HUGE. I mean, I guess it’s a drama and maybe they’re not supposed to have such a huge age gap in the drama. And I know some people are okay with having huge age gaps because age is just a number and all, but something still seems off to me. The love line would have to seem really forced for it to happen.

I don’t think I’ve watched anything at all. There have been pretty cool snippets of some variety shows that I’ve watched though. And by that, I mean the weekly idol 2x faster dances that Red Velvet and G-Friend did. Like DAMN. This is how much practice they have.
[I know these didn’t come out in April, but I watched it in April because I’m not updated.]

Song Releases: 
I always get confused when songs come out because I don’t always listen to songs that come out continuously. It usually takes me months before I start listening and liking a song. Songs that I put on my song releases are new ones that catch my eye or people that I like and have a comeback that I want to feature.

My favorite songs released in April include:
Eunji – Hopefully Sky
Block B – Toy
NCT U – 7th Sense
Babylon – Between Us

Some March songs that I didn’t include last month:
Oh My Girl – Liar Liar
Jessi – Excessive Love


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