Come Back Ahjusshi Review

Not so long ago I wrote about starting to watch this drama and now I’m already done with the drama. As usual, I didn’t watch the first few episodes since I thought it was a bit boring to see the character’s backgrounds and how they died, but it’s actually the most important part because relationships were established and the point of them coming back was to figure out their deaths and straighten things out before they official go to heaven. I thought the plot was pretty interesting and the humor was what really kept me going. Although there were some sad parts to the drama, I felt like it was necessary (unlike One More Happy Ending). If the plot is going to be about people who died and them having a second chance to straighten out their lives, it’s obviously going to be sad at one point or another when they learn about truths that they never knew before.

To be honest, there was no reason for Young Soo and Gi Tak to come back to Earth and learn the hard truth behind their deaths. But, let drama be drama. I thought Young Soo’s character is definitely the sadder one – the one with family and career problems and his death was also one that could have been avoided. Gi Tak, on the other hand, had a more interesting background, which made him a more interesting character. I didn’t understand why he came back as a girl at first, but I guess it really made sense for him to do so. It also made it so much easier for him to get close to his dongsaengs again. Both characters really learned so much more than they were able to in their lifetime, which, I guess means that their coming back to Earth was worth overall. I loved their brotherhood as colleagues from the afterlife. They always had each other’s backs and wanted the best for the other. It was really interesting how everything in the drama was connected. Young Soo and Gi Tak seemed like completely separate characters, but their connection was actually much more complicated than that and their stories actually intertwined.

I really loved all the actors and actresses in this drama. They portrayed the characters really well. Whenever I was watching Rain and Oh Yeon Seo, I saw Kim In Kwon and Kim Suro in them. It was absolutely funny to watch Oh Yeon Seo act like a guy. Not once did I believe she was a girl, but rather a guy in a girl’s body. I also loved Honey Lee’s acting in this drama (see below).

4/5 – I originally was going to give this drama a 4.5 because I loved it so much, but *SPOILER ALERT* the ending kind of ruined it for me. But I’ll still love the laughs and good looks that this drama has brought.

P.S. I believe it’s actually “ahjussi”, not “ahjusshi”, but I can’t stop my fingers from hitting that extra ‘h’. I hope you’ll understand.


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