Why I’m Reluctant to Call Kpop Stars, "Idols"

I’m a liar, I have referred to them as “idols” before, but only because that’s how other people refer to them. “Idols”, at least to me, is someone you really look up to, someone who you wish to be like. Do I really look up to these Kpop stars? In some ways, yes; in most cases, no. People I do look up to, are like Jessi and Jay Park, as in how successful they have become after all those scandals. I always like to take Jay Park as an example because he first debuted with 2PM and left because of some comments that netizens dug up from his social media. Years later, he came back into the scene, signed with a different company and a few years after that, made his own label. Now that’s someone worth looking up to.

But many people look up to Kpop stars based on what they do, how they look, etc. It bothers me so much because as Kpop stars, their companies overwork them so much. Many people have said they only have time to sleep a few hours or that the most sleep they get is those tiny naps in the car between different events. It’s no surprise that they don’t eat well and become really skinny from just working. But that’s not actually how they become skinny. They become skinny from having those one meal a day – basically just eating an apple a day because of their mandatory “diets”. It bothers me when I hear news about certain stars being criticized because they gained a little weight or they’re not pretty. Don’t say something when you can’t even compare. Why does that have to matter so much? It’s because of these comments that stars are being very self conscious of how they look and how much they weigh. Maybe that’s why they’re getting plastic surgery and starving themselves. It’s not something to look up to.

What really bugs me is that netizens always think that stars have to be perfect – they’re literally criticized for every little thing they do wrong. Even dating is apparently wrong too. Take Sulli for example, she left f(x) because everyone was criticizing her for dating Choiza. Okay, I might be exaggerating – maybe that’s not the reason for leaving f(x), but I do know everyone was criticizing her. Nobody would be okay after reading these comments. Se7en once said that when his former relationship was revealed, he lost thousands of fans on his fancafe. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal – let celebrities have their own lives as well. It also bugs me that when one scandal comes out, a celebrity’s career is basically over or, it would just take them a really long time to get back into the industry. Honestly, celebrities are people too. They make mistakes too. They’re not perfect. There’s no need to make a big deal out of everything they do.

On a side note: I’ve written this post for a really long time, but never had the nerve to publish it. After watching this video, I did:


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