Page Turner Review

I’ve been waiting for this drama to start before my 3 dramas ended. I remember I asked my friend a bajillion times for the name of this drama because I just couldn’t remember what it was. But, it turns out to be a pretty good drama. It’s really different, considering it’s actually only 3 episodes long, coming out only once a week. But nonetheless, it’s pretty good. It has a good blend of humor and touching scenes. Sometimes, I would find myself laughing even though I know it’s a rather serious situation. But, a drama is a drama. It’s not necessarily real, but can be real, if you know what I mean.

The main character, Yoo Seul (played by Kim So Hyun) is a musical genius who’s really good at playing piano. The problem I see in her is her arrogance. She’s really despicable at first, but I guess she gets better as the drama goes on. The real problem is her mom, the typical tiger mom who controls her daughter’s life. I feel like K-drama moms always want the best in their children, but push them way over the top. Perhaps they’re trying to get their children to do what they never could have done in their youth. When a problem arises, all she cares about is Yoo Seul’s talent to play piano, not even her life. What kind of mom is that?? The other character is Cha Shik (played by JiSoo), who is the adorable-est character ever. He’s not all that bright, but he’s got confidence and determination. He does well under pressure and never likes other people looking down on him. He’s literally the opposite of Yoo Seul and his mom is pretty much the opposite of her mom. He is pretty much my favorite character because I just wish I was a little like him – having more confidence and doing well under pressure. Maybe then, I can actually excel in something. The other character, I forgot his name, but Cha Shik calls him Sam Shik. Again, a pretty despicable character in the beginning, but gets better as the drama goes on, just like Yoo Seul.

Although it’s only 3 episodes, and not really anything happens, I guess it’s a pretty good and entertaining drama to see how the kids continue to achieve their dreams after having thoughts about giving up. I found it especially touching when the three characters cheer each other on, they realize how much potential they have in themselves. I wish I had dreams like them.

3.5/5 – Short and sweet, but too short to be all that memorable.


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