Comebacks from Block B, Day6, and Jung Joonil

This week was a bit slow for me, so I’m sorry for having fewer songs.

Block B – A Few Years Later
It’s so refreshing to hear a rather ballad-y side of Block B.

Day6 – Letting Go

Day6 doesn’t really get much publicity, but they’re pretty good. I also heard one of the members left(?) so I guess they’re not really 6 anymore. But anywho, check out their debut song, ‘Congratulations’ as well.

Jung Joonil – IAN
This sounds like such a sad song and it’s also really slow. I don’t think I would usually like a really really slow song like this, but maybe it’s because I’m just really sad today. Jung Joonil was also the guy who sang ‘Plastic’! Ugh, I love that song so much.


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