March in Review

March has been such a busy month, with midterms, dramas, and new song releases. While it went by really fast, I felt like a lot of things also happened.

I basically finished four dramas this month: Heartless City, One More Happy Ending, Signal, and Madame Antoine. I also started Come Back Ahjusshi, and we’ll see how that goes. I know, Descendants of the Sun is the hype right now, but it didn’t seem really interesting to me. Maybe if someone actually watches it and comes back with a positive review, I’ll try it out. Looking back, it seems like I really went for the comedy dramas in March. One More Happy Ending and Come Back Ahjusshi were literally rolling-on-the-floor-laughing (like a buffalo) comedy dramas. Madame Antoine was a bit funny at first, but really not my type. After a while, it kind of seemed like a waste of time.

My favorite drama?
Signal. Without a doubt. That drama was written so well, I sat at the edge of my seat and cried every episode. I think I’m falling for police dramas again.

I haven’t updated this section in so long, partly because I don’t even watch any variety shows. I did watch a few We Got Married episodes and found Joy x Sungjae to be really cute together, but I don’t think I’m actually going to continue watching them since We Got Married is kind of pointless to me. I also watched Infinite Showtime – I guess it was fun to watch a variety show from my favorite group.

Song Releases:
So. Many. Comebacks. Or maybe I’m also thinking about February. I just felt like my posts for song releases were getting longer and longer. At some point, I had to debate what I wanted to keep in the post and what to take out. And then there was those times when I literally just gave up and added everything because I liked everything.

Since I didn’t do a review of February, these are favorite songs in February:
Jung Joon Young – Sympathy
Ladies Code – Galaxy

Favorite Songs in March:
Red Velvet – One of These Nights
Jay Park – The Truth Is
Amber – Borders
Mad Clown x Kim Na Young – Once Again
I don’t think I included this song in any of the posts because I literally just found it and was so obsessed over this song. Descendants of the Sun (although I’m not watching it) has the best OSTs. Literally all the OST queens and kings are singing OSTs for this drama – Yoon Mi Rae, Lyn, Davichi, K.Will, Gummy. Damn.


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