The Week of K-HipHop Comebacks ft Jay Park, Dean, KittiB

This list isn’t actually only K-hiphop; there’s other songs too, but I was just surprised how many comebacks there were this week. I just had to include (almost) everyone because I love them so much.

GOT7 – Fly
Suddenly BamBam’s Instagram post makes a lot of sense – I had no idea they were even making a comeback, but yay! They’re back!

Jay Park – The Truth Is

The truth is…this song is so on point. Jay’s voice is so soothing.

DEAN – Bonnie & Clyde, Half Moon
Ugh, I was so not ready for Jay Park and Dean having a comeback on the same day. I love Dean’s voice and all, but the MV for Boonie & Clyde is giving me nightmares.

Kitti B – Doin’ Good
I actually didn’t really like her in the beginning of Unpretty Rapstar, but she’s actually really good.

Eric Nam – Interview
Eric Nam has been releasing covers of some songs and they’re sooo good. And now he’s back with a new album!!! Check out his other song, Good For You as well!

Hong Jin Young – Thumbs Up
I literally thought this was a traditional Chinese song when it first started playing. I love Hong Jin Young so much; her songs also cheer me up. She’s so perfect.

Amber – Borders
This song gives me chills and feels. I love it when Amber sings – why is she the rapper in f(x)? She should show her beautiful voice more often.


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