Thoughts on Show Me the Money

Show Me the Money has brought many rappers to fame, whether they were the winner or eliminated in the preliminary or final rounds. I always talked about how rigged Show Me the Money and Unpretty Rapstar was. I mean, if most of the rounds are based on audience votes, it’s got to be pretty biased right? The first time I watched Show Me the Money, it was the third season and I was pretty surprised. In the very preliminary round when the individual producers judge all contestants, it’s pretty based on which producer does the judging. Dok2 and The Quiett were really harsh. The contestants would literally just open their mouth and they would walk away after hearing a few seconds.

I remember many producers were also really frustrated with YDG because he let a lot of rappers on the show that wouldn’t have gotten through if they had someone else judging. In the fourth season, I was pretty frustrated because I thought that Mino was getting all his votes from fans, but then I found it so weird when Basick won and realized that Basick probably had a lot more fans. Jimin, in the first season of Unpretty Rapstar got by with so many fan votes. It was frustrating because I felt like other rappers deserved to win. I’m not hating on her or anything – she was actually pretty good and we saw great growth in her throughout the program.

Show Me the Money and Unpretty Rapstar aren’t really ways to judge how good rappers are. Not to mention, these shows are always criticized for “evil editing”, as in making people seem like someone they aren’t. Yezi once said that she had a fierce image from Unpretty Rapstar because she would be shown rolling her eyes, but in reality, her eyes were tired because of her contacts. Or that they would have a b*tch face on, but all they’re thinking about is wanting to eat or use the bathroom. I watch Show Me the Money and Unpretty Rapstar mainly because I want to get to know other rappers out there that should receive recognition, as well as the drama that comes along with it.

So the new season is coming out this summer(?) and I believe the filming already started. I recently read about a contestant who auditioned twice. The first time, he was rejected and the second time, he passed. But eventually, he decided to drop out because it was unfair. I don’t know if he messed up the first time, but it just goes back to what I said about it depends on which producer you get. Moving onto the producers, this season we have: Dok2 & The Quiett, Simon & Gray, Mad Clown & Gil, and Zion.T & KUSH. I honestly don’t really know much about the producers. But I am looking forward to the new season, since they’re even expanding it to have recruitment from the States. I also heard that there are a lot of idols that are participating because of the success of Bobby and Mino. I’m curious to see which new rapper would catch my eye this time and which ones Mnet would decide to bring to light. Hopefully it’ll be a good season.


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