Signal Review

I’m a week behind for this drama because I watch on Dramafever and it’s premium only. So, I have to wait one week before it’s available to the public. I don’t think I’ve talked much about this drama before besides the fact that I started watching and it’s pretty captivating. So, I started reading this drama on Dramabeans, until episode 6 before I started watching. But don’t worry; that one day I had a snow day, I watched the previous 6 episodes that I had just read. I was so hooked on the drama and suddenly Dramafever made it premium only starting episode 10. Ugh, what a big turnoff because it was getting to the best part of the drama.

Throughout the drama, I was always wondering what the connection between HaeYoung and JaeHan was. It also kinda creeped me out when I realized that when HaeYoung found the walkie talkie, JaeHan had already knew him, like they had conversed before. Later, we were brought to an earlier timeline (in JaeHan’s time) and that was the first time JaeHan had talked to HaeYoung (when HaeYoung had already knew him). It confused me why JaeHan’s timeline jumped around so much and to him, HaeYoung hadn’t talked to him in years, while it’s only been a few days in the present timeline. The timeline for the transmissions was like a circle, but the drama does tie it up pretty nicely.

Regarding the plot, I was so frustrated to learn how many dirty cops there were. I was even more frustrated because since they were so high in power, it’s really hard to take them down. They have all the connections they need and the knowledge to keep them out of trouble. Ugh, why do all bad guys have to be so smart and connected? And I’m not talking about just this drama, it’s true for all dramas. All the cases that the cold case squad dealt with were really creepy and thrilling at the same time and the writers were so on point for this drama. I love how they accounted for the present when the past has changed. The fact that there’s not always the best outcome when you change the past just shows the consequences that come when you meddle with the past. Then the final case comes, which has the most meaning to HaeYoung because it involves his brother and we see all the connections between HaeYoung and JaeHan and both of their pasts. I seriously didn’t expect to cry, but all the unfairness and corruption in the world and how it affected innocent people did make me cry.

I’m so happy that the writers didn’t mess up the ending. It was somewhat open ended like Heartless City, but I liked it. They had me at the edge of my seat by the last four episodes and I was dying to know what was going to happen. My mom was actually watching the drama with me and I was texting her about it because Chinese subs always come out before English subs. This is what she told me: “Don’t cry, ep16 will surprise you.” Well, I still cried and I was also surprised.

5/5 –  Perfect from start to finish. At least for me. When my mom first started this drama, she thought the radio transmission idea was so stupid because it would change the present when the past also changes. But it totally made sense to me – that’s the way the world works, right? I’m glad she actually kept going with the drama (and liked it!), even after I stopped watching with her.


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