How I Deal With Drama Withdrawal Syndrome

I’m sure you noticed from all the reviews I’ve been posting that I finished many dramas all in the same week. So what is it like to withdraw from so many dramas at once? Well, it sucks.

I think the worst part of a drama is finishing the drama and knowing that you have nothing better to do anymore. It used to be worse for me when I only watched one drama at a time. I would get the feeling that the drama I just watched was the best drama in the whole entire world and I couldn’t start another one until I get over it. At times, I would miss the drama so much that I would have to rewatch it or at least read recaps for it again. I call it the drama withdrawal syndrome, but I don’t actually know if that’s actually a thing.

Maybe it happens more to people who don’t watch dramas that often. At least that’s how I felt when I watched my first few dramas. But then, I look back at it after a while and realize that the drama wasn’t thaaat good. I was probably just hung up over how perfect the characters were, or what a perfect life the characters have or even what a good ending the drama had. But ever since I’ve started watching more dramas, I started experiencing less withdrawal syndromes. That’s why I decided to watch more than one drama at a time. This time, it’s different because all three of the dramas I’m watching decided to end at the same time. I’m not sure what to feel or how to feel. I definitely do need to find new dramas before I go back to rewatching Heartless City again.

So, my solution to dealing with drama withdrawal syndrome? Watch more!

[Disclaimer: I’m not trying to get you to be a drama addict. It’s how I deal with it.]


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