Madame Antoine Review

I honestly started this drama because I was really bored during break one day and I just decided to continue watching since I can’t leave dramas open-ended unless it’s really bad. The beginning episodes weren’t that bad, I liked all the manipulating and whatnot. But, the second half of the drama was so frustrating. The characters kind of just get annoying at some point. The plot is just recycled over and over again. HyeRim falls for SooHyun and SooHyun likes her back, but then he reminds himself that it’s just for the sake of the experiment and distances himself by manipulating her to follow through with the experiment. SooHyun is conducting an experiment where women get played by men because SooHyun believes that there is no such thing as true love. There’s nothing new to the drama – it’s just SooHyun trying to go on with the experiment and understand what love is.

And not to mention, the experiment is pretty unethical to start with. I can’t stand it – what makes SooHyun think that doing this experiment is okay? Like I get that he had a mommy problems and whatever, but after 10 episodes, you still can’t accept the fact that your girlfriend likes you for you and not for money or fame? I’m not even going to off on about how SooHyun refused to let the project go even after his girlfriend asked. I mean, if you really wanted to do the experiment, do it to someone else, not your girlfriend. That’s why you’ll be forever alone. I’m so happy when HyeRim didn’t believe his lies, but I also got so frustrated when she did. Does anyone else find it frustrating that SooHyun thinks it’s okay to play with HyeRim’s feelings, but when HyeRim plays with his feelings (just like he did to her!), he goes into depression and his trauma of someone abandoning him comes back? Ugh.

2/5 – I like the actors and actresses and all, but the story line is just poor. There barely was any story; I barely feel like anything has changed since the beginning of the drama. I don’t have much to say, besides the fact that I was pretty bored and frustrated throughout the whole drama. I didn’t really find the drama cute or funny overall.


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