Jay Park, Miss $, Lee Hi & More

There’s soo many comebacks this week, it’s absolutely crazy, especially since I almost had nothing to write last week.

Jay Park – All I Wanna Do
Tbh, I like Jay Park when he sings more than when he raps, but he’s great in both.

Miss $ – Don’t Speak Without Soul
Miss $ is back with a pretty solid comeback, but as a duo. I actually didn’t notice because I don’t really know them that well. If ya’ll didn’t know, Jace (who went on Unpretty Rapstar 2) is part of Miss $. Although she was criticized a lot, I don’t think she’s that bad. On a side note, she’s getting married! Congratulations!

Lee Hi – Breathe

Fiestar – Mirror
Oh whoa, two members from Unpretty Rapstar 2 in the same post. I know everyone only recognizes Yezi, but hello? Other members are important too. I’m really liking their comeback.

Ravi – R.EBIRTH Mixtape
I believe I had one of Ravi’s songs in my other post. This time, it’s the whole album. I guess this is going to be my new playlist of my week.

Other songs that I wanted to include:
Loopy – Goyard
Dila – Alright
M-Zero – 드림맨


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