One More Happy Ending Review

I posted the halfway review earlier because I was so mad about what was happening. I believe I had just finished episode 11 and 12 at that time and those were the worst episodes I had ever watched. I really liked this drama so much that I would watch it before subs even come out and rewatch it again as it is being subbed. It really sucks to me when the episode is full of fluff since I get so impatient. But, after that, we see the main couple get together and I’m glad that we kind of went back into a romcom that it was in the beginning of the drama.

I really loved the characters in this drama. I really loved how the girls were still such good friends to each other since their Angels days. All of them go through love problems in the drama and at some point, I got really annoyed at them. Why couldn’t DaJung and her husband communicate with each other? They loved each other and were about to get a divorce! Why didn’t DongMi listen to her friends earlier about how suspicious the man she was dating was? …And AeRan’s problems…well, I can understand her. In all honesty, she’s the one I identify with the most and I feel like if I were in her place, I would have done the same things she did. But when I think about it, all of them were understandable and I wouldn’t blame them for how they acted. I actually thought their stories were more interesting than MiMo’s, but she’s the main character, so I’ll let her have her moment.

Going onto MiMo and SooHyuk, I don’t really have much to say about them besides the fact that they’re so cute together. This is one of those dramas where I didn’t have second lead syndrome. In fact, I didn’t even see HaeJoon as the second lead. I read people’s comments about how it would make more sense if MiMo’s ex-husband was the second lead since they always emphasized how feelings don’t go away that easily, especially if you’ve spent your past married life together. It would really make sense, but the show used MiMo’s ex-husband as another different conflict, which I thought was also interesting. But, going back to the main couple, I especially loved it when they got drunk and do the craziest things. How can you be drunk for so long? You literally drank in the afternoon and were still drunk until night. Honestly, I half expected SooHyuk to go and register the marriage since he still had the papers at any point in the drama. And also, I find MiMo and SooHyuk really cringeworthy and cheesy. The things that SooHyuk do for MiMo makes me love his character more and more, but I really can’t imagine that in real life. Maybe I’m just too much of a realist to be a romanticist.

3.5/5 – I really appreciate that this drama was the highlight of my week for the past 8 weeks when I was so sad. Thanks for bringing me laughs and cute moments. I’ll miss you all – alien doctor HaeJoon, SooHyuk, our goldfish MiMo and the rest of the Angels.


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