Being a Passive Aggressive Kpop Fangirl

I’ve talked about being quiet about my drama obsessions and this time I decided to talk about being quiet about my Kpop obsessions. I’ve never been a outward Kpop fan because I was afraid that everyone would judge me for my tastes. Even to this day, I never really talk about it unless someone brings it up first. To start, I started getting into Kpop around late 2010 – early 2011 (whenever Dream High came out). That was the drama that introduced me to 2PM and it just went on from there. I don’t consider myself to be a big fan of any group; I just try to listen to everyone.

I was just a bit frustrated last week because of how ignorant someone was about idols other than his/her favorite. For all you out there, I get that you may have certain idol groups that you like, but there’s no need to diss or look down upon other groups. Educate yourself. Everyone worked hard to get to where they are now. Not all good people get accepted into companies like YG, SM and JYP. These aren’t the only companies out there. Being from these companies mean nothing besides that fact that they caught the recruiter’s eyes. In fact, there were many idols out there that were let go or left on their own. Just to name a few, there’s IU (technically she never passed the audition), Hyorin (Sistar), Hani (EXID), and Song Jieun (Secret). Some idols leave because they worked so hard and waited too long to debut. There’s no such thing as “it’ll be worth it if they stay.” There’s so many factors that go into it. While being trainees, these idols have such tough lives – many work part time jobs to support themselves and practice 24/7. Even then, companies have to wait for the right people to come in order to form a group. Sometimes, other companies are planning to debut a new group and these idols just took the chance. Let’s take JoKwon for example. He was a trainee for 7 years. SEVEN YEARS. If I were a trainee for 7 years and didn’t even debut, I would seriously just leave or give up. I personally believe that these big companies just have a solid fanbase and do big promotions for their rookie groups. I see people saying that they are YG-stans or SM-stans, does that mean they are fans of everyone under these companies? Well, I don’t know, but it seems like it. But, don’t ever come up to me and ask why certain idols are so popular when they are from smaller companies. THEY WORKED FOR IT, DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?

Do you not understand how hard idols work to make it big? Look at Stellar when they came out with Marionette just to catch viewer’s eyes. Everyone found them vulgar, but I really don’t think they had a say in what concept they wanted to do. In fact, I believe that they said in interviews that they were uncomfortable at first. And yes, they became famous for that song, but I’m sure many people didn’t know that they had several comebacks after that since they’re concept wasn’t as sexy or as some of you would put it, “vulgar”. So, why don’t you try to see each idol group for who they are? Each member for who he/she is. Learn to love and appreciate what every idol group is putting out there. Support those from smaller companies so that they can make it big. Your oppas aren’t the only people who dream big. Your oppas aren’t the only people out there who are working hard – everyone else is too.


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