Heartless City Review

I know, I’m so late to join the bandwagon – almost 3 years late, but I spent the past few days watching Heartless City, which came out in 2013. Why am I just watching it now? Well, you know. Reasons. I really regret not watching it back then, when my friends were watching it because now, I have no one to talk to about it. And seriously, how can I miss out on such a good drama? I remember actually attempting to read recaps for this drama, but for a drama that has tons of characters, it’s literally impossible. But, since Heartless City is a pretty different drama from the others, it’s quite interesting to see the actors and actresses play a somewhat different role from the rest of the love stories in Kdrama land.

While I actually didn’t finish watching it yet, I did finish reading recaps for this. I remember yesterday when I stayed up to 12:30 and I just only had 3 more episodes to read but I just couldn’t do it. 12:30 isn’t necessarily late for me, but my bedtime is at 12. And I really don’t like spoiling the ending so all I’m going to say is that this was a pretty good drama and it would sometimes get me thinking when I’m in class or in the shower. Long story short, Heartless City is about cops and drug ring (I don’t know how to describe but there are many dramas like this). I believe Bad Guys had a few episodes about that, but this drama is a rather stretched out version because of all the complexities within the ring. Also, many many Hong Kong dramas love to talk about this because, I guess, it’s full of action and drama.

My favorite parts of the drama would probably be the fight scenes because, well, the main character (and other characters!) is really cool when he fights. I really enjoyed watching, although half the time, I was searching characters and actors because I didn’t really understand who the people were talking about and I really had a hard time remembering names. Yes, I remember faces, not names. Maybe it’s just me but I found it rather unrealistic how SiHyun would pop up every time SooMin was in danger or getting beat up. I like it, but I guess it’s too many coincidences. Also, I really didn’t find SooMin to be a good undercover cop. She was a little bit irrational, careless and couldn’t even fend herself! As an undercover cop, shouldn’t she be a strong character? Okay besides that, I didn’t necessarily like the ending because it was somewhat sad and open ended, but for some dramas, you just can’t have a happily ever after; it just doesn’t make sense and we see one example right here. With that, I won’t say any further, and I hope I can finally sleep in peace, knowing what happened.

Edit: I finally finished watching the drama the day after I posted this, and I seriously didn’t expect to cry. I guess it’s sort of sad and sort of heartwarming at the same time. But, one thing for sure, I can’t get my mind off of it. I’ve even been dreaming about this drama, with all the fighting and running and whatnot. Ugh, I hope I get over this drama soon.

4.5/5 – I’ll miss all the characters so much and I love the actors and actresses here. This is probably one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched. Ugh, why didn’t I watch it earlier. It just sucks how the ending ruined it.


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