One More Happy Ending – Half-way Review

This isn’t really a halfway review, more like three-quarter review, but you get the point.

I’ve been talking about how good this drama is, and it definitely was – the first two episodes, that is. After that, I felt like it went all downhill when MiMo falls in love with the doctor at love at first sight. It’s stupid, I know. But the show goes on and I believe that everyone loved the doctor at first because of his good looks, but ended up hating him in the recent episodes (starting ep 8(?)) because they realized how selfish and self centered he was. Anyway, I hated the doctor parts because at least, I thought it was stupid. Literally nothing about the doctor (his name is HaeJoon) jumps out to me, and I’ve always rooted for the main lead (SooHyuk). I was actually watching this drama with my sister and my sister mentioned that he kind of looks like an alien because his eyes are too close together. Hey, we’re not making fun of the actor. We’re just criticizing him because we don’t like his character.

But okay, I finished watching episode 12, and there’s only 4 more episodes (two weeks) left. And can I just say, SHOW, PLEASE DO NOT DISAPPOINT. All I wanted was some rom-com like the first two episodes, but you got me sobbing at every episode recently. Honestly, the episodes weren’t even that sad or good. I just want to see MiMo and SooHyuk getting together, which is why I’m sticking up until the ending. But, I was just so frustrated after watching episode 11 and 12 because the episodes were filled with fluff and crying scenes. I get that it’s heartbreaking and touching and everything, but do you realize that I’m actually skipping over all the crying scenes? I just want to see the story go on. I’m done with watching the characters cry over the same thing. [At the end of ep 12, I see the story moving on, but with 4 episodes left, that’s a lot of time to talk about something, and I don’t know what. But, I’m hoping it will be worth.] Please, I beg you. Do not elongate this story. Spend more time on the happy endings of the other characters instead. They’re important too!


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