B.A.P, Ladies’ Code, Jung JoonYoung & More

This week is filled with comebacks and I was kind of wary of making this post too long, but there were just too many good songs.

B.A.P – Feel So Good
I’ll be honest, I love B.A.P, but I don’t think this is one of their good songs. I prefer their more bad boy songs, not these cutesy concepts. But hey, even if you like a group, you don’t have to like everything they do and every song they produce. I thought I’d include this anyway because the MV seems pretty interesting.

Ravi – Move
I don’t think I need to explain how good this is. Ravi is a pretty good rapper; I vaguely remember him competing in Show Me the Money 4, but I forgot why he got eliminated. Show Me the Money is pretty harsh – if you make one mistake, you’re out. Even the best people get eliminated but anyway, I have yet to check out his other mixtapes on VIXX’s youtube page. I’ll definitely get to it one day, but I’m sure they’re pretty good just like this one. Also, he’s apparently having a solo concert for his mixtape? DAMN RAVI YOU GO GET EM

Ladies’ Code – Galaxy
After their tragedy in 2014, they’re back with a new song. Everybody’s been saying in the comments about how the video reminds them about the other members because of the backup dancers or the empty seats. But, I don’t really see it, but what I do see is all the 3’s in the video. The triangles on the wall/on their shirt, triangular chess, triangular table and chair. I know they’re 3 now, but what is it really trying to say? Their song also sounds extremely sad, compared to their old ones, but it’s also so good. Welp, let me go to my corner to cry now…

Jung JoonYoung – Sympathy
The song is absolutely amazing but WATCH THE MV. Oh Jung JoonYoung, you napun namja. (I have no idea if I typed that correctly LOL.) If you have time, search up a live performance of this song. I never even knew his voice was that low. It’s absolutely breath taking.

Mamamoo – You’re the Best
Remember two weeks ago when I said the Mamamoo was making a comeback? Check it out!


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