Second Lead Syndrome

So I watched this video on second lead syndrome, and I’m so sure that everyone has experienced this before. Almost every drama I watched before, I had second lead syndrome. Like WHY do the writers have to write the second lead so perfect. But anyway, I honestly feel like I should just like the main character more and maybe I won’t fall for second lead syndrome again. And why is it always a girl and two guys? Was there ever a drama where there was two girls and a guy? At least for love triangles, not love squares. I guess that’s a little different.

So here’s a list of dramas where I’ve experiences SLS, but I’m sure it’s not all. (PSTT! THERE’S SPOILERS and excuse me for not knowing the character’s names, it’s been a long time)

Dramas include:
-She Was Pretty

  •  My heart was so heartbroken for Siwon, I half wished that he was the main character. Okay, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the actual main character. I just didn’t find them as interesting and funny.

-Reply 1988

  • Towards the end of the drama, I seriously didn’t even care who the husband was because I felt like husband hunting wasn’t even the main focus of the drama anymore. Yes, I tell myself this, but I felt a little bitter, LIKE WRITERS, YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME. I am so sure that the writers just decided to change up the husband half way through the drama. How can you write Junghwan as the perfect main character only to make him useless in the end?!

-Dream High

  • I’m still bitter after 5 years. I honestly felt like there was a 50% chance between them. Am I the only one?

-Dream High 2 

  • I guess this drama was the one where it was a guy and two girls, at least how I see it. I get that the main characters are written to be together but I seriously didn’t really understand what went on between them. What the hell was this drama even.

-Orange Marmalade

  • I am absolutely fuming for this one. I didn’t even feel any chemistry between the main leads. They weren’t even fit for each other! One is human one is a vampire! Why couldn’t the two vampires get together and the two humans get together? Well, at least the second lead got a girl in the end. (I’m looking at you, Reply 1988. Why couldn’t you do the same, even if it was a girl we didn’t know?)

-Who Are You: School 2015 

  • So you go after your twin’s guy and not the guy who had his eyes on you the whole time? The one who picked you up when you were down? What the heck. Why couldn’t the main character end up with Sungjae and the twin end up with the swimmer guy? Ugh, I’m still mad over the ending (and the pairings).

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