My Favorite KDramas

I’ve probably spent the past 3 years watching Korean dramas, and sure enough I’ve come across some good, some bad, some okay ones. Here’s my top 5 in no particular order:

1. Reply 1988
This drama just finished recently and while the reply series were really a game of “guess the husband”, this one focused a lot on family. I don’t know about you, but I was literally left crying every single week. Did I mention I have a really bad case of second lead syndrome with this one?

2. Reply 1997

Another series of reply on my list? Yup. I think this would have been my all-time favorite until Reply ’88 came along. I’ve probably watched this series 5 times? The whole plot line still gives me the feels every time. I guess the main thing that connected me and Sung Shi Won was how we were both fangirls. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy like her…

3. School 2013
The bromance is seriously real in this one. If I remember correctly, this is the drama that started making me the emotional person I am. You have no idea how emotionless I was when I started watching dramas. I would never cry for anything and I shed buckets for this.

4. Kill Me, Heal Me
I think I died of laughter in the first half of the drama and the second half I just totally cried like a baby. Yup, completely normal. I just loved how the writers pieced together everything and not to mention, great acting from the main leads.

5. It’s Okay, It’s Love
I guess this drama is a little different from the dramas I usually watch. I actually read recaps for this drama and then started officially watching in episode 6(?). Anyway, I loved this drama for its closure and how everything in the past was brought back together (just like Kill Me, Heal Me). You probably have no idea what I’m talking about if you haven’t watched it but TRUST ME, it’s so good.


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